Thursday, 30 October 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday 5 - Maija

This week I will be showing my sister Maija's vintage thingies. She has no blog of her own, yet, and my faithful readers know her a little already, as I have been showing pictures of her stash challenge quilt last summer. Last week I visited her in Germany for a couple of days, and took these pictures.

She wanted to show you a little vase with forget-me-nots. Our big sister P has painted this, like she painted my Moomin plate I showed earlier. Imagine this with forget-me-nots and lilies of the valley!

Maija also has her share of old copper things from home. The coffee pots are from our parents/grandparents, but the kettles may be from her new country as well.

I thought you might be curious to see what the pictures on the wall behind the copper were, so I took pictures of them was well. Some of these are really old, some are made after old originals. The Bahlsen cakes factory is a big employer in this area.

Even big ships can sail all the way to Hamburg. We came there by flight and took the train for the remaining bit to Hannover and to Maija's town. It must have been quite different at the time shown here, when it was possible to get in six days by ocean liner from Hamburg to New York! The ladies have cute and practical dresses for the little trip, don't you think?

Soap is also needed for washing:

Babette has a nice hat:

In the garden was an old wash basin put to better use. It is unbelievable how Maija's garden flourishes. She and her DH must have green thumbs. There are many flowers we can only dream of, because our winters are so cold and the summers so short. (A good excuse for my lazy gardening!) This basin is in the back corner of the garden, obviously not for the best flowers but maybe for growing new ones.

This was all for today. Maija reads this blog so you can leave your comments here as usual and she will find them.

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  1. Lovely old things, nice to see

  2. Oh my word.. I want to come and visit Maija too! I love all those tin signs.. and the copper things.

    And yes.. how pretty that vase would be with forget-me-nots!

    Ok Maija.. what is stopping you from starting your own blog? :-)

  3. I love those old pictures and the copper pots are rather special too!! I love that tub you've got in the garden, reminds me of a vintage baby bath :)

  4. That cakes picture is so cute! I like how she's got those behind her kettles, what a lot of fun.

  5. My ancestry is German, and my mother used to collect copper pots. I inherited one when she passed away. Seeing these pictures made me think of her. Great pictures.

  6. What lovely copper pots. The prints are lovely. I have a Port Sunlight one from a similar time showing ladies in floaty dresses washing china from a dresser. In my house you need overalls and a scarf over your hair for that task!

    It's lovely that you both have something painted by your elder sister.

    I love the garden pot/wash basin.

  7. Very nice collection of vintage things. Love the copper pots. Great VTT post.

  8. Leibniz Cakes are very special to me(my DH is a Leibniz scholar)-all the pictures are wonderful...ah, an ocean cruise instead of a sardine can airplane. Thanks so much for sharing your sister's treasures as well as yours.

  9. Your sister has so many lovely things! I love the bakery and cruise pictures.


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