Tuesday, 7 October 2008

October sunshine

Today we have a glorious sunshine and the kind of weather I like most. I had a careful try to use my knee again when I walked to have my massage in the morning. I told you this was a good day! The walk went well (and so did the massage), and I managed to get some photos of the disappearing beauty of autumn.

You can click the pictures to get a closer look. This is a waxwing in a treetop. There were a whole flock of them, eating the last rowan berries and these black berries:

I'm not sure what the tree is; they have been planted in the narrow green strip between the road and the sidewalk. Melanie, my learned friend, could this be sloan?

This is a rose bush hiding our trash can. I have made jam of these hips a couple of times, but it is an awful lot of work and the taste is not so great after all.

This very small aspen was the only one with red leaves, all our big ones have yellow or brownish leaves. When the sun shines through them, they look almost like gold coins ;)

These are the last flowers by the roadside, masses of Matricária inodóra. They are like chamomile, but like the Latin name says, without the smell.
I have sheets and towels drying outdoors on my washline, they will be so soft and fresh when they can dry in the sunshine and the wind. I like to fold them direct from the line to my mangle before they are quite dry; I think the freshness remains in the fabric that way.
My sewing projects are not proceeding, but I have been digging in my stash and choosing fabrics for a new project we are planning to start on Thursday in the sewing group. It will be my first step in the direction of textile art. We will be working on the basis of pictures from books or our own photos. It sounds very exiting!


  1. The colored leaves are so beautiful! I was raised hanging our laundry out to dry. It did smell so fresh and nice. I love your posts, they bring back lots of wonderful memories.
    Good Luck with your sewing projet!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see what you're making. yippee!

    Gorgeous photos Ulla.. your lighting and everything is just perfect.
    Take care of your knee.

  3. Good luck with your knee, I hope you will be well soon.
    Autumn are great with its beautiful colour...

  4. oooooeee Ulla I think it may well be blackthorn. I clicked on the pic and thought I saw dark red thorns as well as the berries. It's called Prunus Spinosa if you want to double check in a book before trying to make sloe gin.

    I'm glad your knee is recovering even if it selfishly so you can take such wonderful photographs.

    I hope your new project goes well. I've been wanting to copy EH Shepherd's Wind In the Willows scenes for a while but I need to learn more. All tips appreciated.

  5. Hej Ulla
    Tusen tack för din kommentar hos mig ("She") jag har verkligen försökt att få "vingar" på henne så du såg rätt. Det glädjer mig. Utmaning efter utmaning blir ju riktigt spännande till sist.
    Just nu sitter jag och kollar lite "bloggar" på Korsika. Här är strålande sol, 25 grader varmt och badvänligt. God mat och trivsamma utflykter. Kan bli gott tills jag kommer tillbaka och vardagen infinner sig med annat höst- och vinterväder.
    Ha det gott.


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