Tuesday 14 July 2009

A Cup of Tea and a Nice Book

Some sewing projects are getting ready. This is another anti-plastic bag recycling one of my sister P's pillow cases:

Today I have been working on these card wallets. There will be a removable string at the top edge for carrying the wallet around the neck, and some more buttons - recycled from quilt shirts - on the tapes to pull the cards up. Something went wrong when I was cutting the bisquit box cardboard, and the middle wallet is too narrow for a credit card. Naturally I noticed it only after sewing everything together.

This disappointment called for a nice cup of tea and some light reading. The Hearty tea

looks like this:

There are tiny candy hearts in it, and summer berry flavours. I pampered myself with the 80-year-old teacup I have shown earlier here. I took my tea out, and because it was windy - it always seems to be nowadays - I chose my current book instead of the magazine. The Miracle at Speedy Motors, by Alexander McCall Smith. I don't like bush tea like Mma Ramotswe, but I like her a lot.

Last night when Mr. K came home and was closing the door, he called me to see and hear something we don't usually see.

The baby hedgehog was making loud noises like Kääh, kä kä kääh, kä kä kä kää-äh, like she was saying "Wait for me" and "I'm hungry", or "I need some milk NOW".

She tried to get to her mama for milk, but the mama was too busy to let her. Maybe it was time the little one learned to eat solids.


  1. I've always love hedgehogs, Ulla, but never seen one in person - and wasn't even aware they made sounds like that! Poor little baby, I hope mama finally made time for milk!

  2. Aww what a wonderful sight- the little hedgehog and her Mother. I have liked them ever since Miss Tiggywinkle and my father would bring them into the house.

    I'm a fan of Mma Ramotswe too. :-) What an unusual tea.

    Good luck with the card wallets and more cloth bag making.

  3. That's too bad about the wallet. I hate when I do things like that. I get so frustrated afterward and like you have to remove myself from sewing entirely.

  4. Thanks for the hedgehog pics - have seen two here this week! Need to get a picture next time!


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