Friday 3 July 2009

New Lanyards & Moving Along Week 4

Making the lanyard last week was easy and fun, so I digged deeper in my stash and found more plastic buckles.

I made one without the removable part, too. Now I need to buy more of those metal snappy things before I can make more of these. I just hope our customers will find the lanyards useful. They should, I think, because you can hang the mobile phone, keys, camera, access card and even a wallet round your neck and don't need a handbag or a skirt with pockets. Or trouseres with pockets.

I have been moving, too, especially last weekend at the fair and museum and cemeteries. This week has been more quiet, because something went wrong with my knee injection and it (the knee) has been like a football but achy, too, what footballs are not, as far as I know. Anyway, I consider my walks done for the 4th week of moving with Pip.

This is where I walked last week, too. This is the path through the woods I can take when I go to the village centre.

This is cow chervil (Anthriscus silvester) growing aog the path:

A spooky tree stump further away, now in broad sunlight waving at me.

Two-leaved maianthemum. The Finnish name oravanmarja means squirrel's berry. There will be small red berries later.

The next photo was taken last night at ten. The trees seem darker than they were, but the sky is just like it really was, with the clouds reflecting the sun. The sun set about 45 minutes later. It is dark for about 1 hour and 20 minutes in the night, and the twilight lasts almost 2 hours. According to the definition it means there is enough light for outdoors work during dusk. I can understand why tourists may find it difficult to sleep here during the summer. My sleep is much lighter than in the winter, and the warm days we had made me tired. Today it rained a little and the air cooled down to 16 degrees C or 60F. It will be a good night!

I will leave you with these peonies from our garden. We have never had so many before, they often make many buds but they will not open. I'm glad I took the picture yesterday, because today's rain will make the big flowers so heavy that most of them bend all the way to the ground.


  1. Hi Ulla. It is hard for me to imagine it being light at night. Perhaps I should visit Sweden in the middle part of summer. I have been so many times yet never in the summer, always winter, spring or autumn. I definitely recommend that you back up your files too. I am going to do mine this time, it is so scary when you nearly lose everything.

  2. awe. I am sorry to hear your knee swelled up. maybe because of all the walking last week?

    Your peonies are gorgeous! I can smell them from here. And what a beautiful night sky. Like Karen said.. it is hard to imagine. My dad and I noticed this morning already that the days are getting shorter.

    Of course people are going to buy those lanyards.. they are wonderful!

  3. The peonies look so beautiful. Here sunset is about 10.30 and sunrise 5.30 ish. I am finding I am having more energy now we have the warmer weather. So sorry to hear about your knee. Ginger is a good anti-inflamatory in food. I also use ibuprofen gel. Hope it's more comfy soon.

    PS your clothes are all packed for the trip. :-)

  4. We are now on Sylt, an island off the coast of Denmark. For us too, it is really strange to go to bed now when the sky is still light! My kids especially, are very confused !

  5. Hi Ulla, I'm here catching up on your posts since I've been gone! I'm so enjoying the wonderful photos from your trips recently! I love your mothers house - it looks as though it would last forever! I also love the lanyards - I use them for everything - fly fishing, sewing scissors, etc!


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