Thursday, 2 July 2009

Vintage Thingies 31 - Handicraft Books

Today's post will complete me report of last weekend's tiny holiday. You get to see what I found at the fair among thousands of old books. Suzanne is hosting VTT again.

The first two books I'm showing are not from the official fair but from the market place of Vammala. A set of two books with new ideas for crocheting, from the 1970's. You can see the white label on the back of the books; they are originally library books, usually sold at bargain price when they have come to the end of their career there. Compared to the price level at the fair, 4 € for each book was not a bad price.

Almost all pictures are in colour. In 1970's colours, to be precise.

This witch on her broomstick, with coffeepot and cat, is flying to the mountain Kyöpelinvuori for a dance at Easter.

You all know Blogger's idea of fun neck gymnastics; it just refuses to show some pictures the right way round so you need to tilt your head a little. Here is a picture with two different curtains, one for Christmas and the other in fashionable orange brown.

This pattern is called Clover. I think it looks quite complicated.

There are many different three dimensional flowers, to be used as brooches or napkin rings.

Pansies in pearl cotton ...

... and in mohair!

This magazine is all I bougth at the fair. The price was three times the usual, but I wanted to have this one. It is even older than I am, from 1950. Omin käsin, the name of the magazine, means "by own hands", and it is a crafty woman's dream.

The first pages show nice ways to set a table, and tells that even new handicrafts are valuable. The patterns for a tea cosy and table runner are modern.

Every well dressed woman should wear gloves, even in summer. Even I had a pair of lace gloves in the late 50's!

Colour pictures were only on the cover pages, all the rest was in brown. I think the little dresses on the back cover are simply lovely!

Now it's time to reveal the reason why I wanted this magazine. The cover page says "Näyte" (sample), and it was still there between the pages:

A piece of fabric and a collection of embroidery floss to make this cushion - "a gift for a young woman". I think it looks like a perfect summer project.


  1. Love ex library books they are a bargain!

  2. thanks for sharing this book.. my mom used to crochet once upon a time.. but now, those are just pass.. happy VTT & have a great day!

  3. Really cool things. I really like the flower lace thingies.

  4. The sample is so nice. I think i wouldn't use it, but maybe copy it with new materials.

  5. Beautiful books!

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. I would love to crochet pansies like that!!! Is that a crocheted swimsuit on the cover of Omin käsin?Have a blessed day!!!Cher

  7. Beautiful books! I love those lace gloves. I wish women still wore gloves. I've always found them so ladylike.

  8. It is so rare to find a "sample" still attached. I can see why you grabbed this one!

  9. I love all the flowers..the daisies are so sweet, and ooo..that sample inside the magazine is lovely. I hope you show us when it's finished.
    Happy VTT..have a wonderful weekend..

  10. I love finding books for cheap, and I really wish I knew how to crochet! Those little pansies are adorable!

  11. What great books. I am loving that pansies and daisies flowers. I wish I knew how to make the flowers many things to do with them.

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  12. I love to "shop" the library! Great books...I love the witch with her coffee pot as well as her cat :) but the mohair pansies were just a little weird!

    I can see why you wanted that magazine...1950s splendor and a vintage prize too!

  13. Great books. Love those pansies. So cute. Can't wait to see your cushion finished.

  14. GASP! You mean the book actually had the thread project included??? That is a marvelous find! What a treasure! You had a good eye for that. I do love these old magazines too.. as you must know. They are more fun than anything to look at and remember. :-)

  15. The flowers are so lovely. I know what you mean about book fairs- there was one in Coniston last week I couldn't bring myself to buy any there though.

    I'm all packed ahead of schedule so am catching up.


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