Tuesday 21 July 2009

Summer Joys

Simple joys of summer: fresh potatoes, fresh fish caught by Mr. Kotkarankki, butter and dill. Just imagine the best ever potato taste you remember, and multiply it by three if you don't live in Scandinavia, so you can have an idea of our fresh potatoes. The peel comes off by just pushing with the thumbs, then you rinse them and cook for 15 minutes. The same goes for your experiences with fried fish and fresh dill. Our herbs, berries, potatoes, everything is more aromatic because of the long days of the Northern summer. I could live at least a month on potatoes, fish and salad in summer.

This is a pikeperch or zander, caught by DH last week - I took the picture then, and we ate every crumb. It was delicious, and a welcome change from the rainbow trout we usually get from the supermarket. He was so excited when he caught this one, and a smaller one for DS1 that he had to go there today again. Fly-fishing with a two-hand rod in a big, fast river is for him like ... mmm... fabric shopping or quilting for me.

Because I was totally man-free today, I took the train to Helsinki. It was raining when I started my trip, but down in the south (50 km from here!) it was sunny and warm. This is the Esplanade park, where I took you at Christmas.

I walked my feet off, but I also noticed some beautiful details on a house from the beginning of the last century. I took some other pictures as well, but they need some background work so I will show them another day.

And of course I bought something nice, too. Some quilting fabrics just in case I happened to need them, some flannel for quilt backings, some cotton yarn and three books at bargain prices. In the top left corner is my new T-thirt.

After coming home I have already put the darker fabrics in the washing machine, finished my July block for the Country Calendar but fumbled with the picture so you will see it next time, and started sewing on the West Linn Bag designed by Stephanie. I'm using the charm pack she sent me a little while ago. This is the first time I have even seen a charm pack, so it is very exciting!


  1. Hmm nice dinner, I will be over next time!! ;-))

  2. I think you better set a bigger table and Mr. K must catch more fish...you're going to be having company from all over blog land. Yum! Can't wait to see your West Linn Bag. :o)

  3. Got to love that 'just in case I happened to need them' approach to fabric purchasing!

  4. Oh yummy - those potatoes and fish look really tasty about now!

  5. Gorgeous looking fish meal. It's definately the season for it.

    Ooo what lovely fabrics and shopping. Are those giraffe I see?

  6. Oh my - Mr. K's pike looks so delicious!! We call the two-handed rod a spey rod - it's becoming very popular here - but I think I still need to better master my one-handed rod so far!! I must have some Scandinavian in me because I too could live on potatoes and fish - LOL! What a lovely train trip you had - how nice to be able to hop on a train, see the countryside and go shopping!

  7. I love this post. Even though it is only 7:30am.. you have made me VERY hungry for fresh fish and new potatoes! Mr Attic used to go fishing and I so enjoyed the fresh catfish.. better than anything else. But all the public lakes around here have closed.. and he would need to drive at least 45 minutes to go fishing anywhere now. Still.. I wish he would!

    Love the flower garden, and the beautiful old house in Helsinki.

    I remember now you just returned from your vacation spot at the cottage.. :-)


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