Thursday 16 July 2009

Vintage Thingies 33 - Aprons

Thursday is here again, Suzanne is hosting the VTT day. This week I am inspired by Stephanie, who showed her Grandmother's aprons yesterday with a lovely history of aprons.

This first one belonged to my Grandmother, Mummo, and it is a special purpose apron. I hardly ever wear this one, so it is all wrinkled from being kept folded away in my closet.

It is a handicraft apron, with a big pocket for the yarn ball and the knitting project on the reverse. The material is very smooth so the yarn ball can roll easily in the pocket during knitting or crocheting. It is also easy to shake off all thread ends from your lap.

The next apron my mother made for herself. In the 1950's and thereabouts it was usual to wear an apron when you served coffee to your visitors, but it couldn't be your everyday kitchen apron.

This one is made of a loose-weave wool fabric and decorated with a traditional Finnish stitching pattern in red and blue wool yarn.

The third apron doesn't belong to me, I just photographed it after having washed and ironed it. This one belonged to my late mother-in-law, and she has sewn it some decades ago. Now my sister-in-law and I sometimes wear it when working in FIL's kitchen.

All the other aprons I have are made for/by me and they are used all the time. They are too busy to be vintage yet.

Have a nice VTT, I hope you see many interesting things on the blogs participating!


  1. Your grandmother's handicraft apron is ingenious! I love that the yarn ball fits in the pocket-can't roll all over and away!

    Your mother's guest apron is lovely and very classy!

  2. I'm so glad you shared your aprons. Love the stitching in the Finnish pattern but my true favorite is the big print one you wear now. :o)

  3. These are wonderful aprons. How clever is the apron that holds a yarn ball. My favorite is the Finnish Pattern, very pretty.

    Have a great VTT!

  4. The stitching you showed on the one apron reminds me of the type on some Huck Towels that I have. It is such a pretty pattern, and a unique decorative stitch! Have a great day!

  5. The wool one looks like it could be part of a traditional costume.

  6. Love the pocket idea for the ball of yarn and the smooth fabric (I may have to copy this one). Your mother's apron is gorgeous with the embroidery detail. Thanks for sharing these aprons with us.

  7. What a great idea to have a craft apron with a wool pocket- such an unusual idea.

    The traditional Finnish stitching is so pretty and accurate.

  8. Very nice! What an unusual, and practical, knitting apron!

  9. all of these aprons are beautiful. I am developing a bit of a passion for aprons at the moment. I don't know why though, the kitchen is my least favourite room in the house!

  10. I had never heard of a handicraft apron until now! I love the idea of it, because I am always chasing my yarn ball around under tables!

  11. i love vintage aprons and yours are delightful :)

  12. Love your aprons. Your grandma was a smart cookie!

  13. Hi Ulla,
    I can see I am going to have to spend some time going through your blog.....shhh....I'm suppose to packing....The computer keeps calling my name....Anyways, love your blog! I will return!!!

  14. Aprons are like a peek into another time. I don't know anyone who still wears them but I think they're fabulous.

    Love that little Finnish stitch. Do you know how to make this?

    You should post a little tutorial if you do.


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