Saturday 3 April 2010

Attached Strings and ancient UFO's

Finally my string block quilt is finished! Everything except the batting is from my stash, and please note that I was only digging in the blue box. I used very thick batting so machine quilting was out of the question. I decided to tie this one, and this is how it looks on the flannel backing:

The knots are tied with two shades of blue perlé thread (546 double surgeon's knots, to be precise).

My quilt ended up little oversized, but people are so tall nowadays so it may be a good thing.


Making string blocks was fun, and I have seen such lovely projects on other participants' blogs that I think I need to start a smaller string block project in the near future. Stephanie just recently told that there are over 150 finished projects already, and the deadline is at the end of June. Plenty of time to make something nice and fun.

Spring is really on the way here: On April 1st I saw the first finches, not just  one but a group of 10 boys. They normally feed on insects, but because of the snow and cold (not very cold any more) they were looking for the sunflower seeds and peanuts we give our winter birds.


Today it has been raining almost all day so there is much less snow left. Under the trees you can already see the ground. The lack of frost and the amount of light make me think of summer, and I wanted to start a summer project. Among many tempting alternatives I picked an UFO of the previous generations. I have told about this treasure here, but when I look closer I can see that there is more than half of the work still to do. The style and colourfullness make me think of dear Great Auntie Saima rather than my Grandmother or my Mother. What do you think of this:


The blue circle is finished, with thick perlé thread. The flowers and leaves are sewn with 6 strands of variegated embroidery floss. I finished a set of leaves and two flowers in one group yesterday and managed to make them look like the older ones. Here is a closer look to the edge:


(Blogger wants to tilt my pictures today!)
(I'm using the organizer from Anne Marie for this project to keep all the floss in one place)

The table cloth has been bought as a kit with no instructions but with some stitches here and there started so you can figure out what stitches to use and what colours. I need to find solid orange for the little flowers on the edge and the groups of dots in the circle. Other threads are still there. When the embroidery is finished, I will invite you all to the garden for tea and cake! 


  1. Wow Ulla your string quilt turned out terrific. That's a lot of knots but with the thickness and large size you're sure to keep warm. Congratulations!!! Wonder what color box you'll dig in next.

  2. Ulla, your string quilt looks so beautiful and snuggly. It reminds me of a large comforter my Grandmother had which I always had when I stayed at her house for that exact reason.It was heaven to snuggle under. Then embroidery is going to be fun to do and will be lovely when finished and feel like a real achievement. Enjoy.
    hugs Deb

  3. Well done on finishing the string quilt. That should've eaten into your blue stash quite nicely. :-)

    Oh wonderful that you are starting to have a thaw. It will be so uplifting to hear the birdsong in the mornings.

    Yes a lovely choice of a Spring project. I'll bring strawberries when it's done. :-) I love how it was begun long ago and now will be finished by a family member, and look how it was intended to look.

  4. Ulla, your sting quilt is absolutely stunning!! What a good job you did with the colours- love it and you are right people are getting taller- my middle daughter is 6 feet 4 inches! Big is beautiful!! ;o)
    Take care!

  5. I love your string quilt, Ulla! I can just imagine snuggling up in it on a cold winter night!
    How nice to finally see the finches arrive! Ours have already been through 20 pounds of Nyger seed since we've been here! We have the best birdie buffet in town!
    I see why you chose this UFO to work on - it really does remind me of summer - I think it's going to be gorgeous!

  6. Your string quilt is very pretty! The hand stitched knots look so charming! So nice that early spring birds are arriving at your place. We are beginning to see some finches too here.
    The thread work is so gorgeous. Perfect project for spring :)

  7. I love you blog (owls too). Your works are cool. hugs


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