Saturday 10 April 2010

Spring will come

This week has been busy with family stuff, but I have been able to finish some knitting for the Chemo Cap Campaign:

This is a tiny one so it will probably end up in the Children's Hospital. Suits well, as I used baby yarn for it.
I used the same smock pattern for a yellow cap in organic cotton, and finally I took my favourite ball, the Sugar 'n Cream I had for Christmas from Stephanie:


Yesterday I mailed this lot to the local campaign office:

I started knitting yet another cap because I found a new, nice, lacy pattern in one of my old magazines.

This past week has been  good for the spring, we have had rainy weather  but also sunshine and wind. This is how the garden looked yesterday:

The moles have been active under the snow blanket! There were about 10 little noses of our hundreds of narcissi to be seen, but also the very first flowers:

The snowdrops sometimes come through the snow, but this year's snow was so fluffy with no icy layers - because the temperatures kept under freezing point all winter - so it melted faster than usual. I will be away next week for the follow-up week of last October's training. I look forward to the pool, and Nordic walking, and meeting the other "girls", but not so much to the weighing and tape measure and new tests. See you all in a week!


  1. Well done Ulla for having so many hats to send to such a good cause. I'm sure the softness of the yarn will be appreciated.

    Oh wonderful so much has thawed for you! Snowdrops! I am always excited when I see them as it means Spring really is coming.

  2. Wow, you are really behind as far as spring goes. Funny to still see snow. But it looks like things might speed up for you now. Buds are coming through and that is a sure sign.

  3. The pretty caps will be very much appreciated. Giving is always such a good feeling. There are so many ways to put a smile on a face that truly needs it. Wishing you lots of warm days ahead.

  4. Isn't it great with spring?!!
    Vi have not any snow left and I am so pleased.. Today we have been working outside and our pathio furnitures are now ready to meet summer. We have this amazing weather and I feel that it is very important to be outside.
    Take care Ulla...

  5. wow...these Chemo Cap looks awesome. wish If you could share the procedure to create one on your upcoming blog.

  6. Lovely caps-they'll be very welcome, I'm sure!

    Loved seeing your snow melting and little green shoots appearing...pretty soon your yard will be bursting with color.

  7. The little caps look so soft, love the blue and white lacy one.

    Hope to see photos of your spring bulbs flowering.

  8. There will be some very happy patients receiving your beautiful caps, Ulla! How nice to see the ground finally, too! Enjoy your week away!

  9. Hi Ulla! please don't mention snow to my brother in Sweden. He went on holiday for 2 weeks and when he came back his basement was flooded because of rapid snow melt! Hope you are well, karen x

  10. Lovely finishes, Ulla! Glad to see that the snow is thawning, sunny days and flowers are about to come!

  11. So hübsche Mützchen, sehen ganz fein aus. Ich möchte, ich könnte (noch) stricken! Nun ist also auch bei euch der Frühling angekommen :-) ! Ob du dann auch noch so fleissig stricken, patchen und quilten kannst? Im Moment bin ich fast nur noch mit Gartenarbeit beschäftigt und die Nähmaschine steht etwas verlassen da :-( !
    Liebe Grüsse und eine gute Woche,


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