Monday, 19 April 2010

Spring news, and tour of Villa Cooper

I came back from my training course on Friday night, but housework has kept me busy all weekend. Of course I had a flu all week so I was not allowed to enjoy the pool, but it was nice to have all meals cooked and served, and decided about, by professionals, and it was fun to meet the other "girls" I learned to know six months ago.

Sunday morning we had some new snow. We still have some of the old snow, but the new snow is all gone.  If you click to enlarge this picture, you can see the hare leaping away on the snow about in the middle.

The snowdrops had grown a little:


At least some of the 500+ bulbs survived:

As you can see, the spring is not taking any giant leaps coming to Finland. No need to start any garden work yet, because the ground is either still frozen or far too wet. This is a perfect time to concentrate on fabrics and yarns! I have knitted one more chemo cap and worked on the ancient UFO embroidery.

On Saturday I took my paperwork to Villa Cooper. It was a sunny day so I decided to take some new pictures, the big trees in the garden make the villa usually so dark inside.

This is once again the big dining room:


Many of the members make and paint cups and pots of all kinds.


Felting, both wet and needle felting, are popular crafts.


Some more:


They make jewelry with glass, beads, leather and other materials:


Hand made cards are popular, too.

Under the stairs is a closet for toys and other children's stuff.

The next new look for the villa will be created in about a month when the summer exhibition is built. I hope to make some pictures outdoors as well.


  1. Love the variety of handmade goods, especially the pottery. Sorry you had the flu. Very inconvenient time to have it too.

  2. Welcome back, Ulla! It sounds like it was a nice break, even though you had the flu. Villa Cooper always has beautiful exhibitions!

  3. Das ist ja eine ganz tolle und elegante Villa mit einer besonderen Atmosphäre. Wie schön, dass sie für's Publikum zugänglich ist. Ich habe deinen post darüber aus dem Jahre 2008 gelesen.
    Hoffentlich geht es dir bald wieder besser mit deiner Erkältung. Beneide dich um deinen "Gartenhelfer" ;-) !! Im Moment habe ich gar keine Zeit für Handarbeiten, aber am Donnerstag und Samstag gibt es Kurse (Applikationen und freemotion quilting!). Darauf freue ich mich.
    Liebe Grüsse,

  4. Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed yourself even with the flu.

    Glad you have snow falling and not volcano ash!

  5. I think I clicked big on every picture! LOL I love the Villa Cooper. The felt poppies are fabulous- what a perfect shade of red! Thank you so much for the tour.

    Sorry to here that Spring is still being shy in Finland. At least you have the promise of the snowdrops peeping.

    Hope you enjoyed your course and embroidery.


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