Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter flowers and some knitting

Yesterday I was shopping for groceries for the holidays, and naturally had my latte at the café. I couldn't resist taking some photos of the florist's yellow flowers:

They had some Easter bunnies as well. I really like sitting in this café gathering my strength for the shopping and looking at the always changing flower arrangements.

This time of the year is too cold for anything to flower in the garden so we must let the professionals grow our Easter flowers. Time for daffodils in the garden will be late in May.

I have chosen the chemo cap campaign for Finnish Brown Owls' charity of the month. This is the first time I have heard of this campaign in Finland. (All these links are in Finnish only.)  I use baby yarns or cotton or bamboo yarns for the caps. Here are the results so far:

Two of these - only about 35 grams goes in one cap so I think I can knit a third one from the same ball if I make it slightly smaller. These caps are made for the summer or indoor use, just to cover the lost hair and make the person feel a little better.

The crocheted cap used almost one 100 g ball of yarn. There will not be enough for another one, even if I would knit it, so I will crochet a flower for decoration.

This pattern is fun and easy, so I'm making yet another one in brown shades. The patients can pick any cap they like, and I hope there is someone who likes brown colours as much as I do. The campaign started in Northern Finland and has spread all over the country. My caps will go to Helsinki, which is the closest chemotherapy hospital.


With these flowers I wish you all Happy Easter and happy spring!


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family!! LOved the spring flowers! What a fantastic way to put your knitting skills to good use. Someone is going to love those hats!! They are gorgeous hats and you should be feeling very good about making them!! You are going to touch someone's heart when they need it most! They are a good thing!

  2. Happy Easter to you and our precious family. Your an amazing lady with all you do for otheres. God bless you. Hugs, Marie

  3. Such a wonderful charity. I know these pretty hats will be loved. Happy Easter!

  4. Lovely charity knitting Ulla. I'm sure the caps will be appreciated. They look so soft.

    It's good that you have some Easter flowers to look at even if they can't be in the garden just yet.

  5. I hope you are all having a lovely, peaceful easter. x

  6. I would love to sit at the cafe with you Ulla and see the lovely flowers! Thank goodness for greenhouses that can bring a hint of spring to Finland!
    What a wonderful idea for caps! I do love the brown colors, too! Mr. Squash is going to attempt knitting caps for soldiers - first he needs to conquer his casting on!
    Did Mr. K have a good fishing trip?

  7. Beautiful easter flowers!
    What a wonderful knitting project to work on, your pretty caps will be much appreciated by those patients.

  8. Yes flowershops are always candy for the eyes, i realy love all the great colours..
    You do a wonderful job knitting for others who need to think of something else in a very difficult time.
    ;-)) ;-)) ;-)) I had a very nice card in my mailbox today Ulla. Thank you so much , you are so sweet!!

  9. Welch wunderbare Idee, diese schönen Mützen zu stricken. Ich habe leider mit dem Stricken aufhören müssen, wegen meiner Fingerschmerzen. Aber ich bewundere Leute, die so flink mit der Nadel etwas "herstellen" können. Und dass die ganze Arbeit noch für einen guten Zweck ist, macht sie noch wertvoller.
    Ich schicke dir in Gedanken ein paar gelbe Osterglocken, die jetzt im Garten blühen :-) !
    Liebe Grüsse,

  10. I follow another Finnish blogger who makes and gathers chemo caps from other crafters. It is a wonderful use of one's talents.

  11. Beautiful flowers, they sure bring joy to the eyes! You have been knitting lovely caps, they will be so much appreciated.


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