Thursday 24 July 2014

Crafty Tourism, part 1

This week we made a short holiday trip to Jyvaskyla to meet our daughter Kaija. She took us around her home city for a private tour, and we saw this charming group of houses, the Toivola Old Courtyard. The link is in English, you can see old photos and read about the history of this site.

We had some coffee and cold lemonade in this café, it was such a hot day.

Yarn bombing!

Antique dirt in the windows?

The blacksmith's workshop.

Some of these houses are relocated here from other parts of the city. There are artisan's shops and boutiques on the right.

This building is a yarn shop. I thought of all the yarn I have at home and just admired their collection.
Yarn bombing on the other side too.

Back in the modern part of the city, the rag rug in this pedestrian area looks realistic but it is painted. Kaija told there had been sofas too, but our rainy June made the organizers realize that they are not comfortable when soaked!

We must continue our tour to the Craft Museum in another post. Keep cool and enjoy your Summer/Winter.


  1. It looks fantastic - what a crafty city :)

  2. That would be fun to live in or near such a village! I love the clever painted rug.

  3. Thank you. I always like travelling to different parts of the world 'virtually.'

  4. That is fun, and really colorful, too.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  5. The old courtyard looks so peaceful and beautiful. The yarn bombing certainly gives those posts a lift. The painted rug is so realistic! I imagine it must have looked like a huge living room with sofas in, originally.

  6. What a lovely looking place! I admire you for resisting the temptation to buy yarn!! Lol

  7. Kaija lives in a lovely city! I would have loved to stroll all the craft shops. Not only is the painted rug wonderful in the last photo, but the street light that looks like a giant lamp!


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