Friday 4 July 2014

Summer Knitting

This skein of hand dyed Lempi sock yarn from Lentävä Lapanen, the Flying Mitten, has been waiting for inspiration since March. It is a lovely yarn from a rare Finnish land race sheep Kainuu Grey, specially made for the Flying Mitten in colours designed by Taina, one of the owners.
I tried a new lace pattern, from toe to top, two at a time. I started the heel too late, and the leg, where there is lace also in the back, became too tight at certain points of the lace pattern. I wasn't so sure about this before the socks were finished.

I unravelled both socks beyond the heel and started again. Here are the soles and the beginning of the heel. The weather has been almost chilly, we had the coldest latter part of June ever. Prolonging a woolly knitting project suits the weather just fine.

Last night I finished them again, with a happy end. My pattern had a link to a great bind off for toe to top socks here.

In my new version I made the gusset longer to get more stitches around my ankle.

No more lace on the backside, just a stretchy k1 p1. The socks feel super nice and so did the yarn while I was knitting. There is some lanoline left in the yarn because it has been treated so gently throughout the whole process from fleece to needles.

Melanie has just knitted her pair with this yarn in another colour way, go and have a look if you haven't already.


  1. Morning Ulla, yes the lempi yarn is an absolute dream to knit with. It is so soft that it would also make lacy scarves also. I really enjoyed making my socks. I am now making another non lacy pair for our resident Big Foot. :-) Sorry to hear that your Summer is so cold. A good excuse to carry on knitting. Your lace pattern socks are incredible. Did you manage to breathe ok when you were making them? I was holding my breath hoping I wouldn't make a mistake when I tried lace socks for the 1st time last week.

  2. Ulla such wonderful socks. The wool is exquisite and you have done it justice. I am trying slowly to master socks. The lace pattern is very pretty. Hope you get some warm temperatures soon.

  3. That's a great yarn colour and a very interesting sock pattern. We've been having heat and humidity with some rain here but today it's a bit cooler. More breathable temperatures.

  4. Upean väriset sukat ja hieno kultatyräkki!

  5. Very special wool and a gorgeous color. I can imagine hand knit socks to be the best. Our June was one of the hottest. Such strange weather. Enjoy your knitting.

  6. What gorgeous socks and such a pretty pattern, Ulla! It will be a shame to cover them up with shoes! Your succulent plant is gorgoues! It must love the cooler weather you're having.


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