Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Hot Summer Day

Last Saturday we visited the annual Antique Market here in the village. It was a hot, cloudless day.
Vendors from near and far had arrived with their treasures.

Some of the junk was old enough to be called antique.

Most of it was just stuff from the attic.

Some of the glass was collector's items by famous Finnish designers from the 1950's.

But most of these household enamel and plastic bowls and pots are about 20 years younger, something I bought for my kitchen. I felt antique!

These washboards, tubs and towel rack are much older but still something I have seen being used when I was little.

The clothespeg apron and old washing powder and soap packages from the Craft Museum are from the same era.

Back to the fair: live accordion music is essential for a Summer market event.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour. I try to get something crafty finished for my next post!


  1. Browsing through treasures is a great way to spend a Summer day. Of course...if there is an accordion perhaps there is also dancing?

  2. I love accordion music. It must have been fun browsing - especially if some of the items bring back memories.

  3. Markkinat ovat kivoja ja siellä olevat antiikki tavarat herättävät joskus paljon muistoja. Kiva tapa viettää vapaapäivää!

  4. You can take us on tour of anything anywhere, Ulla. We aren't getting out much these days. Thanks for the Market experience... I didn't know I was so antique. I remember all that stuff, too.

  5. What fun on a summer day, Ulla! Here we say one person's junk is another person's treasure! I also know what you mean about things they call "antique" from our childhood...I always say that must mean I am an antique!

  6. I'm enjoying all the summer adventures you've shared.


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