Saturday, 19 July 2014

New Socks and my New Dress

For the last two weeks I have been mainly sitting in front of the TV and watching the Tour de France with Mr K. Such a project requires something useful for the hands to do on autopilot, so I knitted this pair of socks. I tamed the "Lawn" colour with a variegated black/grey yarn and used this pattern. I love making new  (to me) kind of heels, trying to find my favourite. Thank you for the link, Candace!

After our cold June in finally felt like I could wear a dress on a day or two this Summer, and that inspired me to finally finish this WIP. I got this dress from my mother many years ago with the parts just basted together. Since cutting the fabric she had diminished in size so much that there was no chance for her to make it fit. At the open college I took a course "Let's make a skirt", and with the teacher's help I was able to make all necessary alterations, cut and baste, stitch and serge until it was just right for me. I love the loose fitting dress that covers my knees properly and doesn't still feel or look like an old potato sack.

Matching colours in my flower box. I planted the basil here when it was starting to wither in the kitchen, and it looks better than the day I bought it at the green grocers' in June.


  1. It's nice that you were able to save the dress. The fabric looks very pretty. I try to do the same with the little baby hats that I knit - trying to find a favourite pattern.

  2. I always admire your socks. The dress you reconstructed is so pretty and Summery. I love flowing dresses that don't hug my body. A very nice save. I love the flowers of Summer. Our gardens are bursting with color.

  3. Love your new dress. I'd guess the socks won't go with it...

  4. Härliga sockor du har gjort! Och klänningen ser ut som om tyget är upphämtat ur din fina trädgård - jättesomrig och fin med massor med blommor - tjusig! Den ser väldigt sval och skön ut med en toppenbra skärning. Ha en fortsatt skön sommar!

  5. I'm so happy those heels worked for you, Ulla! Love the color of your socks, too! The dress is wonderful! Have a nice, flowy dress on a hot day feels so good! Your flower box is so pretty and I bet it smells even better with the basil in it!

  6. Love the match! Nice socks as well :-)

  7. I wouldn't call socks an auto pilot project but yours are super. Not too dark and not too light but just right.

  8. Beautiful dress Ulla. That is the sort of thing I normally wear- loose and comfy. The fabric looks so pretty. Well done with the socks. I will share a page of vintage heels I have so you can experiment with more socks.

  9. Dear Ulla,
    the dress is so cute, love loose dresses in summer, they are so comportable.
    Did you like the bike race?


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