Sunday 6 July 2014

Yarn Graffiti in the Garden of Villa Cooper

About a month ago I promised you pictures of the knitted art in the garden of Villa Cooper. While I was in the office filing papers, Mr K. was taking photos on my camera outdoors.
This big sign says "Hand Made", and it comes from our old shop by the lake.

Knitted stones.

My granny triangles in pink and grey.

Crocheted spirals. I remember these from kitchen towels in the 70's.

Knitted chair, quite charming!

My little knitted bunting between two pines.

Five weeks of rain and wind have not done any damage.

A Granny gazebo!

I could imagine a sweet old granny serving afternoon coffee, and cordial for the grandchildren, with freshly baked cinnamon rolls here.

All this has been done in broad daylight, as this is our garden and our rules.

No ski masks or boot polish were required. No growing trees or bushes were hurt. The pompoms in this oak tree are yarn wrapped around a foam core so they are very light.

Visitors have admired our free knitted (and crocheted) art exhibition. This was only a part of all the lovely details. I hope you enjoyed it too and picked up some ideas for your own environment.


  1. I love the faux cherries in the oak! How fun!

  2. How wonderful! The yarn bombing looks spectacular. The trees look like they are in fruit, and the gazebo photo is worthy of becoming a Villa Cooper card. The floral garland with the sign is very beautiful. Well done to all Villa Cooper ladies. I hope the good example is passed on to many gardens this Summer.

  3. Hi Ulla. Wonderful display and so much fun ! Thanks for sharing..

  4. How festive and fun. I love the granny gazebo. Amazing how clean everything still looks after being weather bombed. I love old signs too.

  5. Quite strange really, but I am sure it looks nice when you walk around. Looks like a lot of work :-)

  6. Wonderful ideas, I will have to remember. There is an ugly waterdrain in my garden, maybe I can make it look better.
    Thank you for sharing,

  7. I am sorry I just found this post, Ulla! I can sit and admire the whimsy all day. How much fun to see all these clever knitted goodies in such interesting settings. I think every city should have yarn bombs!

  8. A joyful post. Thanks for such a great series of photos.


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