Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Charlie is back!

Remember the story of our three orphan squirrels? Finally, a couple of days ago I succeeded taking a (blurry) picture of Charlie the Survivor. This is taken through my kitchen window, the only way not to frighten him off. He is sitting under the bird feed box eating the seeds I dropped on the ground when I filled the box. The birds have not yet found the seeds, maybe because it is not very cold yet and they can find their food in the nature as long as there is no snow.

I have been a good girl these days, sewing all kinds of Christmas things, some for the shop in Villa Cooper and some for gifts. Little trees with cinnamon stick trunks and some spice for a good smell:

Today's sewings, paper-piecing patterns I drew this morning, waiting to be sandwiched, quilted and bound. Santa needs some makeup!

A new set of magic cubes. This time I made a mistake and had to rip off two long pieces before it was OK. I used to sew these by machine but it was difficult with all the turning in small scale.

I don't like cats but the cat fabric goes well with the little girl's cat.

Today it snowed a little, making the world a lighter place to live in. Our day is about six hours long now from sunrise to sunset, and still getting shorter. No wonder candles belong to this season, bringing light and warmth to our life.


  1. I think it's interesting that you are trying to coax little squirrels to your property and we are trying to get rid of ours. They are digging tunnels through our lawn and killing some of our plants! Love the projects!

  2. yay! There's Charlie! Hope he finds lots of seeds to get fat.

    Mr Attic just commented how much he likes this time of the year when I put the tree up.. it is dark out early but the tree lights are so nice. I plug them in first thing when we get up too.
    Bet those little trees smell wonderous. Your stuff is SO nice. I would even like playing with those puzzle blocks. :-)

  3. Morning Ulla. Ooo 6 hours is so short. I'd have to get all my fabrics chosen in the daylight and then sewn under electric light.

    yeeaahhhhh Charlie! I am so pleased he survived. :-) I know the grey squirrels cause problems to the native red ones in the UK but I do like them. (Hides head under a paper bag.)

    What lovely makings- so beautifully done.

  4. A six-hour day and getting shorter — wow!
    The cinnamon stick trees are a great idea — I may just have time to whip up a few of them for our tree. Thanks for the idea, Ulla!


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