Thursday 18 December 2008

Vintage Thingies 12

This is the last Vintage Thingies Thursday for me this year: Next week it is Christmas Day on Thursday and the week after that it will be New Year's Day already. Coloradolady is hosting again, and there are many links on the list to visit.

The first thing I'm going to show is a genuine Swedish Angel Chimes set I bought in 1973 for my first Christmas I didn't live with my parents any longer. I remember this from my Grandmother's home, so it must be a traditional decoration. I have kept the box as well.

When the candles heat the air, the fan will start turning and the angel go round and round, and the chimes will jingle.

Remember the happy reunion of my table brush and dustpan, and how I hoped to find the kettle for the copper lid I had in my cupboard? Well, several weeks ago I found the kettle in my own cellar. I had kept some dry flowers in it, naturally without lid, and so they got separated. Now they are together again:

The kettle is specially designed for cooking porridge or other meals taking long to cook. To avoid burning in the bottom, there is water boiling in the outer kettle and the food is cooking in the inner one. Pardon my kitchen terminology, these expressions are not easily found in a dictionary!

Finally I want to show something my Sister P sent me with her Christmas card:

She had found it in the church thrift store and for the astonishing price of 10 c she rescued it for me to keep. I think it may have been used as a collar for a lady's dress. It hurts to see that someone's work of several hours has ended up being donated from the family and valued for only 10 c. My luck this time.


  1. Ooooooo, I love all your things, specially that little pot that sits inside the other. Happt VTT and have a wonderful, lovely Christmas....see you again in 2009.

  2. I had a similar angel chimes from the '70s. And that little pot reminds me of Scrooge sitting fireside eating his gruel. The beautiful piece of stitchery now has a loving home. Merry Christmas.

  3. I have a feeling that the pan may be called a "bain marie" or something like that. Please remember that I was chucked out of cookery classes. LOL

    What a beautiful collar. Yes it is a shame that it's money value was low. In England there was a custom of collars and cuffs being unpicked for laundering as they were meant to be very white. They would then be re-sewn into the item when it was to be worn.

    Love your Swedish candle decoration. I like the idea of the angels spinning round and the chimes ringing.

  4. I can not believe someone would discard such a treasure! love all your vintage items today. Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. that's what's nice about liking old things like that.. when people know it they can pick things up for you. :-) Your sister has a sharp eye.

    We call those "double boilers". We used to use them to make fudge.. before microwaves. I got one for a wedding gift, but the inner part got borrowed out of the pot cupboard and never returned.. probably used to give a stray kitty some milk.

    And we used to have spinning ornaments like that!! They were for the tree, and Mom would try to hang them just right over the lights so they would heat up and spin. I don't think the lights get as hot now as they used to.

  6. i remember our German neighbours having one of those angel chimes :) and i think your little copper pot is adorable. Have a wonderful Christmas & we'll catch up again in 2009 for more VTT fun :)

  7. We've always had cats. Cats and candles don't mix because they are
    too curious! It is so neat that you
    went to the Christmas market... I
    always wanted to go, we have something similar where I live but
    it is not as grand!

  8. Maybe there was no family and a whole nest was donated to the church to bring the joy of Christmas to many new families? Look how much joy the collar has brought so far. First to the person who made it, then to those who saw it used and admired it, now to the founder of it and you, the receiver and now to all of us who can admire it at/in/on your blog. Merry Xmas to all!

  9. How I have enjoyed viewing your unique and lovely Swedish Chimes!
    Your vintage copper pot is charming! And I'm sure you will be giving the lovely coller special place to be admired for the handmade,delicate keepsake that it is!
    Blessings to You and may you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Claudia O.

  10. It makes me sad that someone put lots of work into something that is later sold or donated. But it makes me happy happy if I'm the buyer!


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