Thursday 4 December 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday 10

This is how dark our mornings are at the time ordinary people go to work. The days will still get shorter for two more weeks. Click the picture and you may see the shape of our house. The candle heart is in our living room window.

It is time to participate in VTT again, hosted by Coloradolady here . There are links to other blogs participating in this, showing lovely vintage Christmas items.

I have not yet taken out my real Christmas decoration - we decorate for Christmas Eve - but here are some things I always use at Christmas.

The candleholder is made of pewter and I have had it for ages, from my mother or my grandmother.

In this lovely jar I serve chocolates or other candy wrapped in paper. When you turn the handle down, the lid opens. This is also from my parents, made in the early years of last century.

This is all for this week. Go and see what the other blogs are showing!


  1. i love your vintage candlestick and the candy jar is gorgeous too :)

  2. too dark!

    I have been so lax in posting Vintage thingies thursdays. Your candles are so wonderful. What treasures! I love that cookie jar.

  3. The pewter candlestick is so beautiful! Here's a bit of gos you probably know: tomatoes were thought poisonous in the Medieval period because the acid in them made the lead in pewter leach into the food causing death. Pewter is beautiful though.

    Beautiful shade of green on your jar. I love how you have managed to keep so many family things.

    I would be so longing for the mornings of light- we have darker mornings where you have to use light bulbs, but even so it isn't as dark as your mornings. I love your heart light.

    when I clicked on the detail my monitor screen went dark and I could see how desperately it needed dusting . LOL

  4. What lovely things! So nice to pass down to family.

  5. The picture of your home is absolutely divine. How wonderful; just a heart shining in the darkness.

    I love the candy jar and I see beautiful wood in the background...

  6. Both of your items are wonderful, I've never seen things like them before. My mom collects pewter, but she doesn't have anything as fancy as yours.

  7. I love the design of the jar, and the way the lid opens. The color of green is very pretty.

  8. I really love that jar. I've never seen anything like it.

  9. Ulla, that jar is wonderful! I can just imagine how festive it looks with candy inside. I loved it. Your candlestick is lovely as well.

  10. What treasures you have. I love the little jar..Happy VTT

  11. I love your green-fade glass candy jar-the color and the lid and handle-so elegant!

  12. You have some very lovely and special Christmas things! I know the pretty green jar will soon be festive as Christmas Eve approaches!
    A little heart in the dark of your mornings! Truly a sign of love and welcome!
    Enjoyed my visit!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  13. I love the history in your vintage things. I love using things handed down to me by loved ones.

    Merry Christmas friend,


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