Sunday 28 December 2008

Christmas Pictures

Christmas celebration is over, last bits of the traditional casseroles finished today for lunch and we are getting ready for normal life again. The tree will stay until 6th of January, and I will slowly start packing the decorations away then. But meanwhile, let's enjoy this holiday season!

This is the most beautiful Christmas tree we have had in ages. It is placed in a new corner, behind the big dining table. We only needed 4-5 seats this Christmas, so the two chairs could remain unusable between the tree and the table.

Rudolf with his angel friend are permanent occupants of that step, and now they are enjoying the scent of forest every time someone passes the tree.

A beautiful white amaryllis from DS1 and his girlfriend. You can see through the window that we have some snow, too. Yesterday was the first sunny day in about one month, and today it is colder than for a long time: -8 C or 17 F.

We had some British ingredients in our Christmas this year. DD Kaija was in London earlier this month and she met our friend Karen there and brought me a whole bag full of presents from her. In addition to her hand made beauties she sent us Christmas crackers and Mince pies. The pies were delicious and equally hot as our domestic prune marmalade pastries. Luckily we had an educational Christmas episode of the British "Born and Bred" series on TV just before Christmas so we knew what to do with the crackers! We even managed to make some of them crack with a loud bang. Some of the Questions and Answers were beyond our level, but this one I remember: Q: Who is the most famous married woman in America? A: Mrs Sippi.

This time between Christmas and New Year is a lovely time to enjoy the Christmas presents, read the books, eat the chocolates. Very little determination and energy for blogging, just some careful planning of new things in the new year. I hope you all can have some easy time with your family. Thank you for visiting my blog, thank you for all the comments.


  1. Your tree is beautiful. And I loved hearing about the fun international foods. Christmas really does unite us all doesn't it?

  2. ha-ha-ha! You got me with that one! Mrs Sippi!
    ou are right.. that is a most beautiful tree. Wish you didn't have to take it down at all. But those needles start dropping all over the place.
    You have such a pretty home. Hope you enjoy the days getting longer little by little.

  3. What a delightful blog, Ulla. I found it while searching for "hemmilis." I adapted the idea using glass bugles and hanging a crystal for use as an ornament on our tree here in Alaska.

  4. Hi Ulla, so glad you and yours had a wonderful Christmas, your tree and all the decorations you did are so pretty. I wish for you and yours a blessed New Years.Hugs, Marie

  5. Aww your red nosed reindeer is so sweet Ulla! Ooo M+S mince pies are delicious- mince pies with brandy cream are a Christmas favourite in our house.

    Yes your tree is beautiful this year. your -8c is bad though. I hope you stay inside and warm.

    My guests leave today- I'm catching up a little with blogland while they are sleeping having got my monitor back. Will email soon. hugs,

  6. Your tree is beautiful! Ours will be up to welcome 2009.

    My hubby loves mincemeat pie... It looks yummy. Thanks for your friendship this year!

    I hope you had an incredible Christmas and wil enjoy a Happy New year full of love and joy!



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