Sunday 22 March 2009

Housing Project

Yesterday we had a housing project going on in our garden and the woods behind our house. Mr. Kotkarankki built these four brand new bird houses, with asphalted felt roofs and squirrel and woodpecker proof openings. The front can be opened to clean the houses after the winter.

Pieces of wood leave some air between the house and the tree, and a plastic coated electric wire around the tree keeps the house hanging there without harming the tree. These new houses are for tits (Parus major), and pied flycatcher ( Ficedula hypoleuca). They often come and chase the tits away to make their own nest in the house. Their ladies are used to have a choice from two or even three homes, when they arrive a little later. Therefore we offer them so many possibilities, to give the tits a chance, too.

These special houses are both for treecreeper, Certhia familiaris. These were in the woods earlier, and Mr. K took them away when trees were cut some years ago. On Friday we saw one treecreeper in our oak tree, so we knew they are back here again. The curved edge comes against the tree stem, and the bird goes in from the side doors.

Here is the inside of another type of house for them:

There was also one old normal bird house to be cleaned again. After some climbing we had new accommodation for 7 happy bird families available. This morning the first tit was already looking at one of the brand new houses! It was perfect timing from both sides. Two old bird houses are in good condition are ready to be used as well.
The snow is melting on the roof and dripping down the rain pipes.

This is the first peek in the garden, showing there might be something green hiding under all the snow after all! The Bergenia leaves keep their colour all winter.

I'm ready for the spring to come. The light is lovely, but the weather is still too cold for decent window cleaning, so all I can do is wait. I'm enjoying the wait.


  1. Mr. Creations is the bird man in our family. Although no bird houses we do have several bird feeders and cardinals and dove build nests in our trellis close to the house. They're already looking for the perfect nesting place.

  2. How fortunate the birds are to have a warm home for them provided by your family. I hope spring is on the way for you soon.

  3. Happy birthday.I love bird houses.
    Regina, frim Brasil

  4. Ulla, Mr. K. is very handy! We take care of our feathered friends, too - this time of year they need all the help they can get!

  5. Oh! Look at that beautiful blue sky with clouds behind Mr K in the tree! I guess that makes up for the lack of flowers for now. But soon you will see them.

    Very clever bird houses. We build them in this area too.. for the bluebirds. I forget.. do you have them?

  6. So well timed Ulla! What a great idea. Do you put up bat boxes too? I had never seen tree creeper boxes before. That design makes so much sense. Excellent!

    It is great that you are helping your bird population. I'll share our bee habitats daughter made. I am trying hard to be nice to bees this year as they are having so much trouble with mites.

  7. I'm also ready for Spring! But on the other hand, I'm ready for Spring cleaning!!!!


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