Tuesday 10 March 2009

Travel report, part II

This Cup of Flowers is from my favourite florists in Järvenpää; I can watch the daffodils grow when I'm sitting in the cafe at the mall. I took the picture before my holiday, and now there are yellow flowers to be seen. The cup is too big for tea!

Now back to Germany. On Sunday we made a little field trip to a neighbouring town just a little train ride away. Here you can see how the snow had not yet melted away. This was the first sunny day for a long time. Oaks sometimes keep their leaves over the winter, like this one. Maybe they feel warmer?

We went to see the monastery of Fuerstenfeldbruck. This is the entrance to the church.

This new church in late baroque style was built in the 18th century, but the original abbey was founded in 1293 by duke Ludwig II. He regretted having killed his wife Maria von Brabant because he suspected she was being unfaithful to him. You can read more if you click the link above.

Here we are looking to the left from the church.

This shop is opposite the church.

Across the canal there are old stables now serving as a restaurant. We went there for a generous brunch. A beer garden was being opened around the big tree. I can imagine how nice it would be to sit there when the weather is warm.

This is taken inside the restaurant. The vaults made funny tricks with acoustics: we could hear someone sitting two tables from us speaking like he or she was on the radio, quite different from other people not sitting in the middle row under the vaults.

This is the monastery seen from the road.

There are statues in the garden.

This little sculpture was within the garden walls on the same side as the restaurant.

And so was this modern one:

On the ground was a stone with engraved text. It says Maria von Brabant.


  1. wow.. that is a huge tea cup. perfect for posies.. but I wouldn't set it on the edge of your deck if I were you.

    Yes.. our oak tree hangs onto it's leaves all winter too. Then in the spring is drops them all over the new grass and flowers. Good thing for mulching lawn mowers.

    Loved all your places you visited. Thanks for taking us along!

  2. I love the cup of flowers. Thanks for sharing the wonderful places you visited. How wonderful it would be to visit them in person but I'll just have to live through your beautiful photos.

  3. Oh you just knew I would be reading the link to find out more about such a splended building with a medieval history. :-) I am so glad the local people saved it.

    There looks like such a freshness in the air with some snow still down. The way the restaurant lit the vaulting was very beautiful even if you could hear your neighbours. I hope they weren't talking scandal...or were they?

    I love the huge tea cup planter too- our local garden centre sells them and I have been so tempted.


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