Friday 27 March 2009

One more Birthday present

Mr. Kotkarankki says the post office will soon take me under surveillance because I get so many packages from all over the world! This loveliness arrived on Wednesday, but as I was busy being educational with my vintage thingies yesterday, I'm showing it today. This is what Melanie sent me for my birthday. Notice the ric rac!

Inside was this: a set of flower embroidered handkerchiefs, a nice smell for my clothes cabinet and some lovely fabrics in blue.

In the butterfly package was this, bound with a lovely flower bud ribbon. You can click the picture to se the appliqué details.

This lovely big tote bag was made by Melanie, with her sore poor hands! She has just today shown better pictures on her blog here. March seems to be full of birthdays!

I took my new bag naturally to the sewing group last night, and everyone admired it like connoisseurs can do! I was making an apron, and my pattern magazine, fabrics and tools fitted in perfectly. I think I will make a matching little tool bag from the fabrics Melanie sent me.

The sewing group's spring exhibition will be soon. Many of the things I have been sewing there this school year since September have been for swaps or presents. The apron will be finished for the exhibition, but I wanted to do something more. Last year I had this for show, but it is too late to try anything like that starting now ;-).
We made some experiments with photo transfer on fabric in the group.

I continued the work at home - the photocopy, fluid and fabric had to dry together for 24 hours.

I used a mirror reversed copy of an old photo of us kids having a ski holiday in the country. We moved to live in that house all year round some years later, as it is in town really, even if it is by the lake. I hope to make some kind of a collage with this. The paper was finally rinsed with water and rubbed away carefully, leaving the image on the fabric. I will show you later what became of all this.


  1. Morning Ulla, oh my toes just curled at the thought of real crafts people looking at my handiwork. I am so glad it is useful to you. Happy Belated Birthday.

    Ooo your photo experiment looks so interesting. I haven't seen this technique before. Son got a kit from a cheap bookshop with special paper in it which you put in the printer, then ironed onto fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned.

  2. That Melanie is so funny. Her work should be on display for sure! I was so looking forward to you showing it.. I knew she was making it for you last week with those pathetic hands.. and wished I could do something to help. So I did.. and left her alone with emails for a couple of days. :-)

    Your skiing photo is wonderful! Such a good picture.. I wonder how that's going to turn out!? Can't wait to see.

  3. Good morning Ulla, Wha a special birthday you had, beautiful bag , your a very specal lady. I am looking foward to seeing how your photos come out. Hugs, Marie

  4. BEAUTIFUL bag and lovely gifts from Melanie. I did photo transfer many years ago...not successfully...copy and iron method. I've seen lovely transfers to fabric. How fun it would be to do with old photos.

  5. Hi Ulla. Gosh it's been such a long time!! First of all a very happy belated birthday. I am so sorry I missed it and hope you had a lovely day. I certainly have a lot of reading to catch up on with your blog, you have been so busy.
    Have a lovely weekend and take care, Karen x

  6. What wonderful gifts from Melanie and such artful wrapping! My husband spent some time in Ukraine - I would send him packages, and the mail centers there would open and take what they wanted (usually CD's) then give him what was left!
    I've never tried photo transfer - I will be anxious to see your finished project, Ulla!

  7. Wonderful gifts from Melanie, she is always so thoughtful and so sweet! I love the bag!


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