Sunday 8 March 2009

Short travel report

Long time since I last posted! We had a five-day holiday in Germany over last weekend, and you all know how it takes some days to get back to the everyday routines.

In the first mail I opened after the trip was an envelope from the USA, with this sweet house:

It was from Stephanie, our Time for Tea Swap hostess. You may have seen them on other blogs as well this week: she made one for each of us! On the other side there is a pocket just big enough for a tea bag. Mine was white tea with raspberry! Go and see Stephanie's blog, she is making the most interesting blocks with ladies with personality!

Now I'm going to take you on a little tour to Germany with me. This was my third time ever in Munich, Mr. Kotkarankki's sister lives in a small town just outside Munich. My first visit was to her eldest son's christening 28 years ago, and on the second visit we only saw the airport. Mr. Kotkarankki has been there a lot, so we went shopping alone on Friday. It was 12 o'clock when we emerged from the S-Bahn. First we saw the Cathedral with one of the towers hooded for some renovation work, and the City Hall in front.

The musical dancing figures of the City Hall tower are a tourist attraction. It was raining lightly, so we didn't stay long watching them.

Thi last picture is from Saturday, when we made another trip there with his sister. We went to the Alte Pinakothek and saw lots of old paintings from Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, and some less famous painters. Afterwards we enjoyed coffee and tea with big pieces of cake at the Wiener Cafe.

I have more pictures from our Sunday excursion, but they will have to wait.

I had another special mail, from Melanie, but at the moment I can only say the things were wrapped in red! Thank you Melanie for your Random Act of Kindness!

Between laundry, cleaning and ironing I have been sewing my first ever quilt-as-you-go blocks for Jan at Ozcomfortquilts. She uses 10.5" string blocks to make quilts for the Victoria bush fire victims in Australia. I used mostly strips from the bag I received some years ago with the half-finished quilt top I called the stranger quilt because I didn't know who originally started the quilt.

I hope to get the blocks mailed tomorrow, and then I will try to catch up with my Country Calendar blocks - February and March!


  1. Welcome home Ulla!I missed your blogging.So happy you had a good trip and thanks for sharing your pictures. Hugs, Marie

  2. Welcome back! Good luck with all the catching up!!

  3. How I love "traveling" with bloggers. What a wonderful way to see interesting places. Thanks for sharing.

    Making the little teahouses was my pleasure.

  4. Hi thanks for the ride, looks like you have had a great time. And yes Stephanie is ever so sweet!!
    I have also a quilt as you go running, it is plate mates for next Christmas.. I hope I will manage to finish them in time. So much exciting thing to do you know.

  5. Stephanie has really surprised all of us with her lovely gifts! I'm very curious about the "red" wrapped items from Melanie! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Yes wasn't it so sweet of Stephanie to send us a present for having fun making for the Tea swap?

    The Country Calender blocks are so pretty, but I am still rushing to catch myself up or I would've been so tempted. :-)

    Well done for helping the fire victims in Australia. It's so hard to think that so many people lost everything and are facing starting from scratch.

    Thank you for sharing the Munich tower figures (sorry don't know their real name) I saw them once on TV- so special. Interesting architecture. Ooo what was your fav painting?

  7. What wonderful pictures from your trip - thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Wonderful pictures from your trip. I could have a big fat slice of that cake right about now for dessert.. it looks delicious!

    And you are so generous to be making a quilt for someone in the fire.. bless your heart.

    Looking forward to seeing your calender blocks!


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