Wednesday 18 March 2009

Some finishes, and new toys

You may remember I was working on these hexagons many weeks ago. Now I have finally finished them, with heavy interfacing and honeycomb weave backing. I think they make nice coasters.

The other day I was playing with my textile paints. I printed some hearts on this kitchen towel.

Yesterday I received a package from the other side of the Atlantic. You can imagine my surprise when these two fellows climbed out of the box! They are Ann and Andy, and Eileen made them just for me! Thank you, sweet dear friend! Eileen used an original pattern from 1940, and I can dress and undress the dolls. The way Andy is behaving, I'm afraid there will be laundry to wash sooner or later. Every detail is perfectly sewn.

Raggedy Ann and her brother Andy wanted to sit in the snow at first, because they thought it was a little exotic at this time of the year.

Ann wanted to see if there was anything to see in my flowerbed, because at Eileen's there are crocuses by now. Well, I have snow. Oops, her pantalettes are showing!

Ann came in and needed a nice cup of hot sweet tea with some cucumber sandwiches. She even brought my old kettle to her tea table, to freshen up the tea when Andy comes in. By the fierplace it is warm to sit. Her little biscuits are in the tin. What a lucky girl I was to receive this tea set from my Time for Tea Swap partner Dawn earlier this week! I have had a porcelain tea set in doll size but it must still be at my mother's house.
Guess what Andy was doing when Ann sat nicely and had her tea? He was climbing in the oak tree in our back yard and wanted to see Charlie the squirrel eating at the bird feeder. Of course none of the squirrels, not to mention the birds, dared come when there was a little boy just a couple of feet away. I had to get him in before he caught cold.

Speaking of birds reminded me of something beautiful I saw Monday afternoon when coming from town: a white hooper swan was flying to the South! It must have come here to check if there was open water anywhere, and went back because everything is still covered in ice and snow.


  1. eileen is the sweetest! i'm so glad you are enjoying your raggedy ann and andy! ☺

  2. Wow lucky you, the dolls are so cute and pretty. Have fun!!

  3. How sweet of Eileen. What a terrific gift and a tea set just their size. What fun!!! Good thing Andy didn't fall on his head and end up at the hospital. That's a boy for you.

  4. I am smiling ear to ear. So glad the young ones are enjoying their new home.. I told them all about where they were going. But I was a bad mother, and didn't make Ann a cape when I should have!
    The tea set Dawn sent is the perfect size.. and the fire so cozy. I love that picture. :-)

    Happy Birthday a little bit early. :-)

  5. Well those two are so adventurous, Ulla! They don't even look tired after having flown so far across the Atlantic! I just can't believe how much snow you have - Ann and Andy are going to need some warmer clothes!

  6. Hi Ulla! Lovely dolls and I really like your painted towel,very cheerful.

  7. I'm happy your new lovely dolls can have a tea party! Have a great day!!

  8. Hia Ulla big catch up as usual. LOL It's been a year of it!

    Well done for finishing those beautiful coasters. Ann and Andy are so cute and from such a wonderful lady too. :-)

    What a lovely idea to print onto your tea towels. It worked really well.

  9. What a lovely gift from Eileen! Ann and Andy are simply gorgeous! The pictures are sweet, specially by the fireplace. It makes me feel like a little girl again playing with dolls!

  10. Hej där, ett tag sedan. Jag har varit på museet där dessa dockor finns. Vilken fantastisk historia som ligger bakom. Man blir verkligen glad när man ser dina dockor!!


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