Thursday, 12 March 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Like I told you before, Melanie chose me as one of the lucky objects of her Random Act of Kindness. Now that the secret is out, I can show what she sent to me. There was the cutest tea towel with a cross stitch pig and other farm animals, a tea pot shaped plate for tea bags, Earl Grey Vanilla tea (you notice a theme here!) as well as cappucino and chocolate hot drinks. In the middle of this picture you can see the levendel scented washing tablets for my sheets and liquid handwash for delicate fibers.

She also included two patterns for embroidery - probably for the time when I have finished the ones my grandmother and great aunt Saima didn't!

And she had photographed at least 12 different roses, some in her own garden. and made a set of laminated coasters. Thank you, sweet friend!

Because she chose to make her acts of kindness random and not a PIF, I decided to do the same. Yesterday I donated blood, it was my 23rd time in all. I have had long periods I couldn't donate - pregnancies and breastfeeding - and sometimes my hemoglobine is too low. This time I was just above the limit, but they gave me iron tablets to make it better again. I had also a magazine telling about blood donations, and a bottle of Red Cross water with the text Elämää joka pisara - Drops of Life. Blood donors don't get paid here, but I had a sandwich and a piece of cake with tea afterwards. The Red Cross comes to our village 4-6 times a year so I don't need to go far.

My other Random Act of Kindness goes through Pip to Australian bush fire victims. She collects kits for a project "Re-stash a crafter", and this is what I'm sending there.

Six little bags I made from leftover bits of my curtains and other projects. The stripey fabric is from my mother, I made two girls' dresses for the Red Cross some years ago and this was the rest.

Then I bought some wool yarn and added some from my stash, and a thick red cotton to make potholders.

I went to a local shop to buy some knitting needles and crochet hooks, and the lady gave me a generous discount, whe she heard where I needed them for. Then she gave me some of her used needles, all those without packing. I decided to call her the nice lady from the shop.

Yesterday I went there again to get three thimbles for the three thimble holders in the middle of this picture. I also bought the blue wool yarn and three fabrics. When I got home I noticed she made me pay for 4 thimbles instead of the three I bought, so I'm not calling her the nice lady after all.

I weighed the parcel to see if I can put there anything else, because the postage shouldn't cost more than the stuff you are sending, don't you think? There was still room for these fabrics, and then some more wool yarn from my stash. I'm sure Pip and Suzie can use these bits and pieces to re-stash some of the crafty ladies who not only lost their homes and furniture and personal things but also all their tools and stash.


  1. Lots of lovely goodies from Melanie. :o) What a terrific package you're sending to the fire victims. So many ways to help.

  2. Brilliant Ulla- the gift of life and the gifts of stash! That is so generous of you. I'm sure it will make some crafers really happy that they can start to make things again at a time in their lives when there is so much that needs to be made. I know that as a crafter, I hate paying top money for something which is mass produced especially if I think I can make it myself.

    Glad you like the little bits I sent. I'd hate for you to be idle after you finish all your family projects. LOL I hope the roses give you a feeling of Summer all year round. :-)

  3. A beautiful package from Melanie, Vanilla smells so good! And a wonderful package from you to the victims in Australia, they will be so happy! Well done Ulla!

  4. wow.. that is a lot of stuff you are sending. Bless your heart. I found the shipping fees to Austrailia to be pretty high.. at least from the US. Hope yours were better. But maybe the package doesn't weigh very much.
    Glad they gave you cake after giving blood. I have never been able to give it.


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