Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Photo transfer project

In my previous post I showed my photo transfer project. Here you see some more results with the fluid transfer:

And a second attepmt, with text and snow photo combined. Not very successful.

Next I tried a Canon T-shirt transfer sheet. I printed the photo on the sheet and ironed it on my fabric.

I may have ironed too long, because my beautiful white and blue snow looks dirty.

Here is how far I got today, combining three transfered photos and some machine stitching.

The project is not nearly finished yet, but it is starting to be fun.


  1. I'm glad with the initial mishaps, that you can still say this is a fun project, Ulla!

  2. I love watching this process.. and truly enjoying the outcome. Wish I could be there experimenting with you.
    The snow doesn't look too bad in the picture.


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