Tuesday 21 April 2009

Brown Owling & Spring Exhibition

This year I wanted to try making a new kind of Softie for Mirabel, and earn my Brown Owls knitting badge at the same time. Now the bunny is finished:

He needs his scarf because we still have some snow and the nights are cold. This is a wild kind of fellow, he already managed to rip his pants and I used all my brown yarn for them: he has a pink patch to remind him to be more careful.

And up the apple tree he went! He will travel to Australia when I have made some company for him.

I have also crocheted my first Granny squares. Here they are damp stretching before I join them together. This is for my Crochet Badge, I hope.

On Saturday I went to see the Spring exhibition. My sewing group is the smallest group of all, so our corner was a modest one. Here is Hanna's textile art in the middle, she made a beach scene using different fabrics and threads and yarns, stitches, folds and embellishments. My ski holiday picture is on the right and my rag quilt on the left.

Hanna's apron on the left, Maila's Tilda Christmas mail bag next, my aprons and bags and Hanna's loop bag on the right.

There was a short course using coffee bags to make pot stands or shopping baskets:

Finns are heavy users of coffee, so these plastic vacuum bags are available in large amounts!

There is also a pottery group:

And a mosaic group. I love that table!

And there was a photo album binding group.

Next time I will show more pictures of the bobbin lace group, they deserve their own post.


  1. Does your cute little bunny fellow have a name? Good thing he has his scarf.

  2. The little bunny is adventurous for certain!
    Thank you for the great photos - I can see a lot of hard work is done during the long, cold winters!

  3. I like your aprons! And that Bunny is so darling, Ulla! It will make a little one so happy!

  4. What a sweet bunny for a good cause. I love your granny squares. I can only do double crochet in rows so far. One day I will have enough time to teach myself more. :-)

    What a good exhibition. I hope it inspires more local ladies to try some crafts. Lovely mosaic. I did a table top once for a friend out of the broken china I had and left over tile pieces. I think it would've worked better if it had all been tile like the one in your picture as it would've been flatter.

    Thank you for sharing Ulla. I loved the coffee bags too- great recycling idea.

  5. Oh that bunny is adorable. It will truly make someone VERY happy! "That which a bunny seweth, that he shall also rip".

    Love all the things at the exhibit! You are right.. the mosaic work is wonderful. I wish my bathroom floor was done like that. :-)


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