Saturday, 25 April 2009

Granny Squares

This week I finished my first crochet project in several years. Pip from Meet me at Mike's inspired me to crochet granny squares, she is making at least one a day. I wanted to make a small banket only, to go with one of my Unicef dolls when I finally find myself in the mood to finish their clothes.

The dolls have been a long-time project with inspired moments and long periods of shifting the bag around. Almost all dolls are ready but their clothes are not. There are no patterns for their clothes available, which makes it more complicated for me. The clothes also need to be easy to take off and put on again, but no buttons are allowed because of choking hazard.

As you can see, the perfect outdoor photo background, snow, is finally gone and now I use the brown, mossy lawn instead.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


  1. How sweet the dolls will have blankets. That is so cute. I picked up crochet again last night. I "taught" myself single chain months ago and made an odd shaped dish cloth. Last night's project is looking much better. I want to make granny squares too.

  2. These are so much fun to make. You can even use up all the little pieces for a scrappy afghan. :-) And an easy to "take-along" project!
    The snow was pretty.. but I think right now I am loving that mossy lawn.

  3. Very pretty granny squares, Ulla! I learned to make these as a 10 year old from my Lithuanian gramma - we would save leftover yarns from all our projects and make really large, colorful afghans!
    You must be so happy to finally be able to see the grass!

  4. Well done Ulla I am using up my tiny bits of wool on baby things at the moment but when I have more time I really want to make a granny square blanket.


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