Tuesday, 14 April 2009

More Easter goodies

Today we had the first mail since last Thursday, and this loveliness was there waiting for me:

It was from Suzie, who had been busy making sweet Easter surprises. There was the most beautiful bag with chickens printed all over, in many colours. I have used it already, and it packs nicely in my shoulder bag. There were chocolate eggs, brought by the bunny in the card, two funny fabric chickens made by Suzie, and more chocolate.

This closeup of the pretty pouch was meant to be the other way round, but you know blogger, sometimes nothing helps and the pictures stay the wrong way.

The orange-yellow potholders are knitted in a nice way, and they are very soft and lovely.

Did you notice the wooden decorations which were hanging from the strings? I will hang them in the decorated willow branches I had from the little witches on Palm Sunday. Oh how nice it is to have talented, crafty, sweet friends like Suzie!

Now I need to go back to my sewing for the spring exhibition on Saturday and Sunday! I hope to have some pictures by Friday.


  1. What a sweet package. Darling wooden ornaments too!!!

  2. Lots of wonderful things in your package. I love those knitted pot holders.. i have a friend who makes them too so I have a lot of them in my kitchen.
    Ok.. go get busy! Can't wait to see. ☺

  3. Such wonderful gifts, Ulla! I love the little cut-out bunny, egg and chicken! Suzie is a very nice friend!

  4. Good luck getting everything you need to finish done on time for the exhibition.

    Aww that Suzie! Isn't she a treasure. :-)


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