Friday, 17 April 2009

Yellow is the first colour of Spring

The first tiny flowers are showing their heads when the sun is shining.

In the morning the water is frozen clear like glass, but the thin ice will melt during the day, and freeze again during the night.

Alder trees are blooming by the frozen pond and their pollen is causing red eyes and runny noses to many allergic people.

My fashion model Kaija is one of them, so no heads to be seen here! This is my reversible apron I made for the sewing group's spring exhibition. Looks great, doesn't it? Sadly, an assistant is needed for taking off this flower of genius. There is an elastic strap on the back, so the apron will need to go over your head.

This is a more reliable way: long apron strings for the children to hang on. This is one of my recycling projects, a floral pillowcase. The plain fabrics and the ric rac are new.

I also made bags using the pillowcases. The floral print (recycled pillowcase again) is lined with new calico for reinforcement.

And there are two inside pockets:

The second shopping bag matches the apron, which is very nice if you forget to take the apron off when you leave home.

The last apron is made of a recycled tablecloth. The strings are again of new fabric, but the ric rac is what Melanie used for string for my birthday present, and the button for adjusting the neck piece is recycled as well.

Purple is the second colour of spring:

The exhibition will be tomorrow and on Sunday, I will try to make some pictures there, too.


  1. I love the yellow flower against the stark earthy background. Your aprons and totes are so pretty and your tote looks like it could hold a days worth of shopping!

  2. How exciting! I am thrilled that your things are going to be in the exhibition. What a clever idea to make a matching tote and apron! But. I have to say.. even though it may be inconvenient.. the yellow one is my very favorite. In fact.. i have one almost like it, only a drab mauve color. I think the yellow would suit me better!

    Happy that you are seeing spring blossoms. That one looks maybe like a violet?

  3. I'm always amazed at how such lovely little flowers have so much energy to poke their heads out from the cold ground!
    You aprons and bags are wonderful, Ulla! Have a great time at the exhibition!

  4. Lovely aprons and totes! Hmmmm, maybe I need a date with the sewingmachine...

    Love that last little flower- in Norway we call it "blåveis", and we have lots of it at my parents, but none around here...I miss them, they are such a sure sign of Spring!

  5. Lovely crocus in my fav shade of purple. :-)

    Great bags. Your aprons look wonderful. Love the one which is hard to take off. I like the full aprons best as I am a mucky pup and somehow when I mix holding the bowl close to me, I muck up my top especially if I'm not wearing an apron! LOL

    Kaija is an excellent model. I hope your exhibition went well.


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