Thursday, 9 April 2009

Finally another finish

It looks like I am a deadline person. I have been working on this children's quilt before Christmas already, and now as the sewing group spring exhibition is getting close, I finished it in just two nights.

Originally I stopped because I ran out of the flannel I used for backing, and then came Christmas with all the busy chores. New projects seemed more interesting in the new year, and so the quilt stayed in the plastic bag.

Last night I took my special Fiskars scissors with a spring, and cut the seam allowances of this flannel rag quilt.

This morning I put it in the washing machine, brushed it and took it out to dry.

This is the right side. The blocks are machine quilted before joined together, there are three layers of flannel, and a thin wadding in the middle of the squares.

I hope the strong wind will make the quilt very soft.


  1. Really a sweet quilt. Ihave always been going to make one but just never dd now I think I just might do it. YOu do such a nice job Ulla.Have a beautiful weekend . Hugs, Marie

  2. I love flannel and that's such a sweet quilt. How could it not be soft and snuggly!

  3. Wow.. that is a lot of snipping. Good thing for the shears with the spring! This turned out really beautiful. Did you quilt the patches on your machine? I really love it!

  4. this is beautiful. It looks so soft and snuggly.

  5. Ulla,
    Thanks for coming by to see my vintage treasures.

    I loved that first quilt, but then i saw the second, the rag quilt, and loved it even more!!! Beautiful fabrics and all that pink! I love pink. =0)

    I also looked at your previous post. Beautiful handwork on the mats.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Barbara Jean

  6. Good thing you have the spring loaded scissors! I tried doing one like that without them and my fingers didn't work again for a month! It's going to be such a soft, warm quilt Ulla!
    Who does all of the wood chopping?

  7. That is so lovely Ulla. I hope it wins a prize- so soft and pretty in soft colours.

  8. That is a lovely, snuggly quilt! It turned out beautiful!

  9. Lovely work, that's a really beautiful quilt!


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