Saturday, 2 May 2009

Grannying along

I noticed that I can knit and crochet when the project is small enough. The wool jumper for DS1 is still waiting to be finished; I gave up on it several years ago after I needed cortisone shots in my knitting elbow. Knitting this little bunny was easy and fun. I created my own pattern by adding her a skirt. I think her name is Milly.

His name is Billy, and they are friends now. Later this year they will take a flight to Australia, where they will meet the other softies for Mirabel and find their new families.

Pip from Meet me at Mike's has been crocheting granny squares and showing a new one every day, and will continue until the end of May. I have been playing along more irregularly. Today I can show you five of my latest creations:

They may grow bigger still, so the yarn ends are all just hanging there. My yarn stash is a little dull, these are all leftovers from knitting socks for the family. What a lovely excuse to buy new yarn in lovely colours!
I have been sewing too, but I forgot to take pictures. The bags can wait for another day!


  1. Hope you don't mind me squealing.. but those are so stinkin' cute!

    And I am sorely tempted to join in on the granny-a-day.... argh!!!!

  2. I love your squares!
    I wondered what the loops were for, but that was a clever idea. I mught have to do the same :-)
    I wanted to join the granny-a-long, but tried to hide the urge. Then I saw your "blue" quilt and decided to make some of squares, too.
    Have fun!

  3. Milly and Billy are so darn cute! What a perfect pair. I'd love to join the granny a day if I could just figure out how to do a granny square. Lots of you-tubes, on line tutorials and I haven't mastered it yet. Love yours.

  4. Billy and Milly are so adorable. You must have had fun making them. Bags, granny squares and the bunnies, oh my, you have been busy.

  5. The bunnies are so cute! I can see you had fun making them! and I like your granny squares, when one got started it is hard to stop!

  6. Milly and Billy are a sweet couple. :-) I do like the subtle colours you are crocheting in. They remind me of landscapes.


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