Friday, 8 May 2009

Two more Granny Squares

This is yesterday's granny, using the light blue and dark brown yarns from before. When I was a very young girl, I thought boys with dark brown t-shirts and light blue jeans looked cool. Here I made groups of 3 instead of my usual 4, and 4 rounds instead of 3.

Today's square is back to my normal pattern.

I have been busy cleaning windows and feeling a little heroic about it. Now I need to iron fresh summer curtains for them, and polish my halo.


  1. I like that part about the halo.

    And yes.. windows. I took a picture of the lilacs through the window the other day, then realized I cannot show it because the glass was terrible! I have not gotten up the muster to wash them yet. I remember last year when you showed your clean windows, and I admired that so much. :-D

    Your new granny squares with the blue are wonderful. Blue and brown go so well together. Funny about the boys in Tshirts. I always liked to wear light blue and tan together.. but yes.. dark brown for boys.
    What would be pretty would be to set the whole afghan together with dark brown.. like my mother used to do with black.

  2. I say your Halo definitely deserves a polish and I hope you are enjoying your crochet, (obviously you are) it's so lovely to do.

  3. Ooo window cleaning- yes definately a halo job! Love how your granny squares are shaping up. I had to smile at how the colours reminded you of boys. :-)


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