Sunday, 24 May 2009

Waiting for warmer weather

The weather here is not yet warm enough for summer flowers, so I show you some of my nature photos instead (and because I don't have any quilting news!). Last weekend this baby squirrel was having a nap on a sunny branch of our oak, and wasn't disturbed by us going to the car just a few meters away. You can click the photos to see better.

Remember our housing project? One reason for the new bird houses was this situation from last summer, when the fieldfare (Turdus pilaris) built its nest on the roof of the tit's (Parus major)house.

It was OK at the beginning, they didn't seem to disturb each other. But when the fieldfare's babies were waiting for food with their peaks wide open, the poor little tit parents reacted to the sight and fed the fieldfare babies instead of flying in their own house, where their own babies were waiting. Now we think we have either tits or flycatchers (Ficedula hypoleuca) in at least three or four houses.

The white narcissi are starting to open in the garden. They smell SO nice!

The bergenia have grown high. I think I have three kinds of them: these we bought, some smaller ones from my mother and some bigger, lighter ones from my mother-in-law, all planted in our garden about 28 years ago.

On Saturday we went to visit our daughter Kaija in Turku, just a day trip. It was very therapeutic for me at least to go to a BIG fabric store with her while the men were sent to have fun in bookstores - a choice of three! - and having ice cream. I bought flannel backing and a fabric for the sashings and binding of my star quilt. Pictures will be available later!
This is what I have been crocheting since I showed by last squares. I found a wool yarn treasure in my sewing room, so there will be lots more of these.


  1. As long as all the babies get fed I guess it doesn't matter who feed them. Give my husband a bookstore and an ice cream and I can shop all day. Love your grannies.

    Summer is trying to arrive here. Very warm this weekend. Our lilacs are in bloom and smell delicious.

  2. Lovely nature photos, Ulla! We have so much fun watching our squirrels this time of year - this morning one actually squeezed its way inside the "squirrel-proof" sunflower seed bird feeder! We were afraid it was trapped, but it got out!
    Sounds like a lovely day with your daughter, too! Hopefully Mr. K. found something good to read while you were fabric shopping!

  3. Aww your baby squirrel is so sweet.

    I had to laugh at the "flats" your birds had created. In the UK Springwatch has started on the BBC television so there are links to nest cameras all over the UK.

    I think it does us good to go fabric shopping without husbands being elastic bands to "ping" us out of the shop quickly. :-)


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