Monday, 4 May 2009

I'm a Bag Lady?

Here are the newest shopping bags I have sewn, recycling a table cloth, here

and a pillow case here

These two bags are lined with a light polyamid fabric, because the pillowcase material is thin.

I want the bags to be safe for carrying home groceries, washable, and a nice replacement for plastic bags.

Here are my granny squares for Sunday

and Monday

I really need to get some other colours. These squares remind me of wool socks only.

I'm off to sew some more bags! Have a productive week.


  1. The bags are perfect for shopping! So much better than those horrible green bags from the supermarket.
    I'm very impressed by your granny squaring too!

  2. I love how you reuse something to make something new. Terrific bags. What colors will you add to your granny squares?

  3. but wool socks are awesome.:D They keep your feet happy during the cold nordic winter!:D
    (in other words: there's nothing wrong with he colors..:))

    Oooh, love them bags! Much nicer than plastic ones.

  4. Hei Ulla. Just wanted you to know that I read your blog regularly and just started my own blog aswell, you can find it under name Pikkuviuhti. Have a very sunny and nice spring.

    Laura "varoja"

  5. I agree.. your bags are much nicer than those green ones they try and sell you at the store.

    I am going to a big rummage sale Thursday.. lots of very cheap stuff.. I'll keep my eyes peeled for some yarn scraps..

  6. What a nice way to recyle, Ulla! They will last a very long time! I love your granny squares - with the wool, it will become a very warm blanket when all sewn together!

  7. Lovely bags Ulla. I try hard to remember to pack material bags when shopping. I manage it for grocery shopping, but sadly didn't when I went into town yesterday afternoon with daughter. I honestly didn't intend to buy a cardi in the charity shop, but as it was raining it needed a bag. I must get more organised like you.

    Again lovely granny squares- sorry they remind you of socks. They are pretty to someone who doesn't think of them being from sock wool. :-)


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