Tuesday, 29 July 2008

More about thistle, and I've been tagged

After I showed the thistle picture of my domestic carelessness, I have been thinking about the use of plant fibers in felting . I found out that the only natural fiber that can be felted is wool, so the eriophorum fibers from peat are used in the felt for their ability to absorb moisture. This makes the felt feel warmer. The peat felt is mostly used for insoles and wests etc.

Through the Summer Stash Challenge I have learnt to know many wonderful new bloggers. One of them is Messy Karen. I don't know if she really is that messy, but it is easy for me to remember which Karen is which, because Karen from Contemporary Embroidery surely is not messy. She keeps working with white silk all the time, and doesn't need to wash the finished cloth. Anyway, my new acquaintance the colourful Karen has now tagged me to tell six random facts about me, so here it goes:

1. link to the person who “tagged” you. - it was Messy Karen, link above

2. post the rules on your blog. - here they are

3. write six random things about yourself. - comes after the rules

4. tag six people at the end of your post. - well, it can be more or less

5. let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

6. let the tagger know your entry is up. - will be done in a minute

Six random facts about me:

1: I married my husband 28 years ago, 364 days after I saw him for the first time

2: I love flowers but not gardening

3: Recycling is important for me and I believe I have raised my children to think positively about it too

4: I spend way too much time by the computer

5: I have never had long hair

6: I don't drink coffee but about once a week I go to the cafeteria in town and have a latte and a croissant

I will not tag anyone by name, but I invite all summer stash challenge quilters to this game if they are interested. That will be about 50 people. Your names are on the right sidebar.

It just happened that I had a picture of my special treat on the computer and so I had a picture for this post too. In about an hour I will go and have my latte and do some grocery shopping, and of course I will have my recycled shirt Mauritz bag for the groceries.


  1. A latte mmmmmm.
    Sorry Ulla i do not know how to use the flickr group. I told Eileen as well..
    Can you teach me?

  2. Oh Ulla. I am sorry to disappoint you, I am amazingly messy! But messy and clean, very different. My white silk is everywhere, fibres all over the floor, on my clothes, in my hair, even in the fruit bowl!

  3. Morning Ulla, thanks for sharing and thanks for the felt info. I went to a demo this year where the children made wool felt and I was suprised at how easy it was. I think I will always be the sort to want to play with fabric rather than create it from scratch, but it opened up lots of new possibilities.

    I think thistle down would make good pin cushion stuffing. It would make a change from thistles pricking to a thistle being pricked. The idea made me laugh so I thought I'd share.

    Love Messy Karen's pot holders and blog too.

  4. Hej Ulla
    Så mycket fint du har på bloggen. Det var roligt att titta igenom den efter sommaren.


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