Friday, 4 July 2008

PIF mail in and out

This lovely table runner is made by another Ulla, the one in Sweden in Ulla's Fiber Blog. I received it yesterday as my PIF gift from her, and it is in my favourite colours, different shades of brown.

There was also this sweet little pouch, which blogger insist on showing rotated. It is easy to look at this way too. I have not yet decided what I shall use this pouch for. It could be for lipsticks and nail file in my bag, or some jewelry when I ever happen to travel. The zipper closes perfectly, so the thin chains would not escape. It could also be useful for sewing threads when I go to my sewing group again in September. I love my gifts very much and I'm glad I chose Ulla's PIF to participate.

Here is what I have sent as my PIF gifts to both Suzie and Lesley:

They both like blue so I made them a set of holders for scissors, thimbles, pins and needles. They are useful when you take a small sewing project with you to waiting rooms or trips. I take the opportunity to remind my readers that I still have one gift to send. It may not be like this one, and it may not be very soon, but I can promise it will be sent within a year from my original promise to Pay it forward.

A little update on my Summer Stash Challenge quilt: I bought yesterday the backing fabric and didn't think it was only 90 cm wide insted of the normal 150 or 140 cm. It will not be enough for the size the quilt top was planned to be. After some thinking I ripped off three rows of tumblers and put on a narrow border. Today I will think a little more and decide wheter the borders stay or not, and calculate how many rows can go back if I decide to get rid of the borders. It would be useful to think twice in advance!


  1. Hi Ulla! My beautiful sewing kit is proving very useful as Lily and I work our way through our quilts - thank you so much!

  2. These are VERY lovely gifts.. both what you received and what you made. I'm also glad now too, to know your favorite colors. :-)

    I am so sorry about the size of the backing not being right. This has happened to me several times, and I have actually just added another piece onto the back to make it big enough. Too hard to mess with the top! Hope you can get it figured out ok. I know whatever you end up doing will be beautiful.

  3. Hi Ulla, how frustrating for you! When I've done that, I've added two strips to the back to make it wide enough.

    Your gifts look beautiful. I've yet to try a Cathedral window so your pin cushion looks about the right size for me to have a go at it. What a lovely table runner-it reminded me of marketry with different woods.

  4. You got such lovely gifts! It is a nice thing to participate, I'm still waiting for replays to my PIF...
    It is upsetting to see that the fabric is not enough, and that when you get home!...The FQs I ordered are still not there...I know how you feel!


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