Wednesday 2 July 2008

Pigs and bags

This little pig is very thick and I think she will have piglets any moment now.

So there they are! It is so convenient to have a zipper in one's belly, the little ones just pop out like that and then you close the zipper and let the piglets have some milk.

Press buttons make excellent snouts and nipples. I made these for the Softies for Mirabel auction. My mama pig is not big enough for the three piglets I made, so she will go to Australia with just two of them. I'll have to make the next sow bigger, and she can take care of the lonely little piglet and two new ones.

Remember the bag competition I participated in May? No luck for me, but you can see the winners here. The first price went to a bag woven of videotape, an extraordinary idea and the bag looks really nice. The second price recycles a children's traffic play mat, and the third winner is crocheted with thin plastic bread bags cut into strips. The next one shown is a double bag from an old tablecloth; the idea is that you can remove the lining and use as a spare bag if there is more shopping to carry. The fifth one is a net bag crocheted with rests of warp yarn.

I still have not been able to go fabric shopping for the backing of my Summer Stash Challenge quilt, but I have started a new Flickr group for all who have joined the challenge. There will be only pictures of the challenge quilts, showing the process how a maybe problematic pile of stash will turn into a nice quilt. (More often it seems the husbands are having the problems, the quilters just have nice stash.) Number of quilts made for the challenge is not limited, so if you have already finished one quilt, nobody will stop you making as many as your stash and time will allow! This group is for invited members only, so you need to give your e-mail address to Eileen or me if you have joined in the challenge and not received an invitation by now. Our e-mail addresses can be found in our blog profile.

EDIT July 15th: There are more pictures of the bag competition here , on readers' request, and my Maurtiz bag was the first one they added!


  1. Hi Ulla, I've signed up to the Flickr group (I think). Lovely piggy idea. Did you use pink fleece to make them?

    Just caught up on your blog- yes woad makes blue dye. I have 3 pure silks dyed in the Medieval way with plants. Don't know what I'm going to do with them, but it has to be somethign special.

    The woad reminded me of a story I heard from the 2nd world war. A farmer much pressed and harried by the Ministry decided he'd had enough of all the interfering clip board clutching jobworths telling him what to do on his own land so he took a stand. Instead of planting what he was ordered, he set one field in woad. Come summer it had a bright blue flower which could be seen for miles. It was his way of thumbing his nose at the authorities. I think it gave heart and a smile to surrounding farmers too.
    I like plants which can do that.

  2. That is really the cutest little pig toy! It does not look easy to make. Some child is going to love it. What a great cause too.

    I'm sorry you didn't win the contest. But boy, there was a lot of stiff competition. A bag made from video tape? That is just mind boggling.. but a great idea!

    Thank you for setting up the new Flickr Group. Great idea!

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  4. These are adorable Ulla!! HAve you visited Annette's blog? the link to her is on mine - she makes pigs of all kind of fabric....Reading about the medival market was very interesting!!

  5. The mama pig and her piglets are so sweet!!!What a cute idea and what a noble cause!
    I've signed in for the Fickr group, another great idea! Thanks!

  6. The little pig family is made of pink flannel, wich is easier to sew and stuff than the stretchy fleece.

  7. Oh how I wish that I had posessed a zip in my stomach!!!
    Love these little pigs, gorgeous.

  8. Love that mamma pig and the piggies! Thanks for setting up the flicker page for the stash challenge. It is so much fun to see what everyone is working on.

  9. Hello Ulla!
    I was so happy to see your pig, It reminded me of my childhood, my mother made me one of those pigs. They are truly adorable!
    Hope all is well with you. I haven't been reading your blog in a while but I got really inspired now that I did. You make really beautiful things!
    All the best to you!


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