Saturday, 26 July 2008

Thistle beauty

Last Sunday we had the family lunch I already told you about. To decorate the dining table with something else than my brand new Husqvarna Sapphire, my daughter Kaija and I picked a big bunch of wild flowers from the roadside. Bluebells, milfoils, daisies and thistles with some ferns. It was beautiful, and I wanted to enjoy the flowers for as long as possible. Well, I think I waited a day too long, because one morning this week I met this sight:

The thistles had their seed ready to be blown with the wind and one flower had erupted forming this beautiful lace veil. When I cleaned away the mess, the little hairs on the seed felt like silk in my hands. This thistle is called felt thistle in Finnish, and I wonder if it has been used for felting. I know that another wild flower, eriophorum, remains intact in peat and is used together with wool for making peat felt.

Melanie from Jellybeanangel has given me this award:

I'm honoured to receive this, because making people smile is not always easy. The award itself makes me smile, and I hope you too! Melanie didn't give any strict rules to go with the award, so I make my own. I will give this award to the following blogs:

Eileen's Attic because Eileen is making the Summer stash challenge with me and I love her dolls

Meet me at Mike's because Pip makes everyone smile

paperiaarre because Kaija is my daughter and I can be happy and proud of her


  1. Congratualtions on your do make us all smile:-)! Great day to you.

  2. Oh My Golly Gosh! THANK YOU! I am very honoured to receive your award! Thank you for thinking of me! You are too sweet, i think! xxxxx

  3. Ulla.. THANK you for this award. I think it is the sweetest one I have ever received.. especially since it is coming from you. I wish I could give it back to you. But there are a lot of bloggers who make me smile, so this will be fun to give!

    You thistle arrangement is beautiful!

  4. Hello Ulla.
    I have posted my finish in the Summer Stash Challenge . And I will like to thank so much you for beeing part of this challenge together with Eileen. I has been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed the ride!
    Take care and be happy in quilting......

  5. something's very wrong. everyone is getting an award. i know. we're all just so wonderful. guess what. i tagged you too. because you are one of the wonderful's. check it out.

  6. Hia Ulla, glad you liked the award. The only thing I know about thistle down is that it can be used to stuff things like matresses. Can you experiment and see if your variety will felt? I'm so curious now.


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