Tuesday, 15 July 2008

New toy is fun!

Like most of you correctly guessed, I went to play with my sewing machine. I have almost finished the exercise book, and I was doing some test quilting on the rows of my challenge quilt I ripped off to match the backing material size. Suddenly I heard a Beep! and looked around, but couldn't hear anything so I went on sewing. Then I heard it again and noticed this:

The Sapphire darling was telling me that I was running out of bobbin thread! There was about 50 cm left on the bobbin, and I could choose to sew it to the end or start filling the bobbin immediately. On any other machine I have used I could have kept sewing on and on without noticing. The machine did also have her bad moments, the quilting thread was tangled a few times and the machine stopped and informed that the motor was overheated. It prevented me from trying to sew through the tangle and overstress the machine, I think. When I changed a thicker needle it did not happen again.

I also tested the table included in the set. With the big quilt, this will be a tremendous help. I only need to take a higher chair; on the dining table this is way too high for me on a normal chair.

Once again I'll show you something I've done long ago, one of my very first quilts. The design is a little odd, but my daughter uses this quilt on her sofa where it is partially covered by big cushions. The centre is made of corduroy and the rest is jeans. For many years I used to cut all worn-out trousers of our whole family into 11x11 cm squares and stash them in a drawer, long before I had started quilting. When the piles seemed big enough I sewed this quilt for my eldest son. I thought he could use it as a carpet, as it is big and very heavy. Somehow it ended in my daughter's home. Main thing is that this odd quilt is being used. I remember that I wanted to make the quilt look like worn-out jeans' knees, lighter in the middle. This knee seems to be patched with corduroy!

P.S. on Friday I ironed almost all there was to iron. Now the pile is bigger than the one I showed. This time I'll iron first and then start playing!


  1. Hia Ulla, I've just been ironing too. Just how does everyone get through so many clothes? I love your jeans quilt- so many shades of denim.

    What a clever machine too. I have to rely on my Bernina machine bobbin noise become slightly "rattly" as I sew and then I keep a look out. Glad that just changing the needle helped with the threadproblem. I would've paniced thinking I'd somehow broken it. Can you tell technology and I on't always get along? :-)

    Can't wait to see your finished hour glass quilt when you've mastered the machine.

    best wishes,

  2. This sewing machine is dear one!!!
    Nice to see how you are playing with it! I like your daughter's quilt, blue is always beautiful! I'm glad it did not end as a carpet!
    Have a lovely summer!
    I'm taking a break, see you in August!

  3. i love this simple quilt. it is all a quilt should be!

  4. Hi Ulla~ Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving kind words about my quilt. It was a lot of fun to make and I am off to figure out another one.

    I love your quilt and the idea of repurposing a good old worn out pair of jeans. Yours should last and last! It is fabulous!!!


  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I have been ironing all morning myself!

    I love the beautiful quilt with its soft colors. I also love that you use old clothes for quilts --especially denim which gets better with age.


  6. What a clever little machine you have. Just wear lots of knits from now on and you won't have as much ironing to do.... more time for playing with your new toy!!!

  7. Congratulations on your new sewing machine. How fun! I just popped over to also congratulate you for finding the missing red french knots on my Christmas wallhanging. You are good.


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