Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Two first quilts

A while ago I had a big laundry day for my father-in-law and took also this woollen lap quilt to be washed. After I had ironed it I took this picture to show you the first quilt I have sewn. I made it for my mother-in-law in 1992 during and after my short quilting course.

It is my own design, as you might have guessed. I used sample books of men's wool scarves, and some wool fabric rests my mother had given me. The only thing I'm still satisfied with is the colour scheme! Given that material today, I would have prewashed the fabrics to avoid uneven shrinkage. I would also have made the sashings in a different way. But as I said, this was my first one, and the teacher didn't interfere with my design. I wish she had!

This is my sister Maija's first quilt in process. She is joining in the summer stash challenge to help her finish this quilt for her daughter. As she doesn't have a blog (yet), I promised to report her progress here from time to time. A couple of years ago I introduced her to the quilting world, so I'm pushing her a little to keep going with her work.

The rows are sewn together now and as far as I can see, Maija has done a pretty good job here. She will post more photos in the Summer Stash Challenge Flickr group when the time is right. Her Flickr name is Maijukka, a diminutive form of her name our parents used when she was little. And later, too, of course. If you are in the Summer Stash Challenge and have not received an invitation to the Flickr group, please contact me or Eileen to get you there. That group is a place where you can see everyone's challenge quilts together.


  1. I like your quilt, and the fact that your father-in-law is still using it after all those years shows that he enjoys it too.

    I just wanted to let you know I posted about you finding the French knots on my blog.

  2. Hej
    I like your quilts very mutch.
    RutViola Göteborg

  3. Love your first quilt Ulla. :)

    And Maija's Stash quilt is coming along beautifully! I am working on an update post today. I think I'm about two weeks behind though.. :/

  4. What a lovely woolen quilt you made as your first. I am realy impressed....


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