Sunday, 16 August 2009

Another look on embroidery and holiday pictures

My last post had the most comments I have ever had except for my last year's giveaway, and definitely one of my peak visitor numbers. I'm sorry I had only one picture of this surprisingly interesting towel rack cover, but my faithful readers can now enjoy some closeups of this little gem:

I have been working on a new (to me) pattern called Attic windows or Children's room windows. This will be another quilt for the orphanage in Tanzania, a church project I decided to make a Finnish Brown Owls project. The blocks are now pieced and ironed; after some trimming I can sew the top together.

Are you ready to take a last look at Northern Carelia? On the second afternoon the weather turned a little warmer, up to 16 C or 60 F, so we could enjoy our outdoor life from the morning porridge

all day until the evening. Mr. Kotkarankki caught this rainbow trout with the fly you can see on the gill cover. Click the picture to see better, it's a small one (the fly).

Let's look around, this is the rapid's side stream, this year just shallow water.

A gull is waiting for a meal, or maybe digesting a little perch.

The air is very clean there, lichen and beard moss grow almost anywhere, like on a birch,

on the ground,

on a pine.

Lythrum salicaria

Close relationship between aspen and pine

Empetrum nigrum, edible but not to my taste

The pine on the opposite shore is bending towards the water, more and more every year.

Tourist rafters came by on their tour, in wooden boats like in the background or rubber boats for the more adventurous.

Here the tourists take an active role, using their paddles the way the guide tells them.

Sometimes they turn and take another ride in our rapid.

Here they can come up easily in the backward current.

Some are even more adventurous, they swim their way down, wearing neoprene suits, life jackets and helmets.

Count the heads, did they take everybody on board again?

This is "our" new motor boat for crossing the river.

It is made locally. See the pretty decoration up front.

Time for a bath in the sauna again. We will make a night meal while the men bathe after us. This is the view from the sauna steps.

The sounds of the water moving big rocks in the stream take us to sleep in no time.


  1. Oh thank you for all those holiday photos, I can almost smell the forest! I hope you were refreshed by your stay as it looks that sort of place.
    The embroidery on your towel cover is beautiful too.

  2. Thanks for the close ups - and the wonderful nature photos.

  3. I have never seen a towel rack cover before - learn something new every day - it's beautiful!! And I loved going with you on your holiday, thru your pictures. That looks like a great little cabin - and you did a beautiful job on your husband's fishing vest!!!

  4. The beauty of nature and fresh air is the perfect sedative. I wouldn't be brave enough to swim in those rapids! Yikes.

  5. It looks so much like places here in the Northwest, Ulla! Mr. K's fish is beautiful and his net is nice as well - you can see it is very well used! What a wonderful vacation!

  6. What a great post! (is that you in the picture getting ready to cook the fish?.. I can't see it very well).
    FUNNY pictures of the rafters. And your boat is pretty. wow.. fancy carving there.

    And I like it that the men bathe after you. That is the way is should be for sure!

  7. p.s. I forgot to say.. I know exactly what this Attic Window is going to look like.. I've always wanted to make this pattern.

  8. the embroidery is so beautiful and your summer place, well, I want one!

  9. That satin stitching is really beautiful!!

    I like the fish, too...

    And it's always wonderful to see WATER! Beautiful photos!


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