Monday, 10 August 2009

Back again!

We are back from the vacation and life has settled to the normal routines again. This was my 8th time in Kattilakoski in Northern Carelia, at our eastern border. We left home around 5 on Tuesday morning and drove nearly 600 km. The weather forecast promised warm temperatures a little over 20 degrees C or 68 F, but during the day it remained around and below 12 C (53F). For the long drive it was OK, but once arrived, I had to wear a jacket indoor and out. This is where we leave the car and take a small motor boat to cross the river.

The wooden steps lead from the shore to the buildings higher up.

This is the cabin, once used by log drivers, when logs were transported by water routes. The knot above the door reminds of them, they have used ties from fresh wood to bind something.

This is the logo of the organization which owns this cabin and many others.

Our cabin seen from the river in the evening sun. There are four bunk beds in the main room, and a long table with benches, gas light and a gas stove and refrigerator. Water must be carried in. By the entrance there are also two very small rooms with a bunk bed in each; Mr. Kotkarankki keeps his fishing gear in one of them.

These wooden paths are built between the buildings to protect the nature.

Every night PM heated the sauna for us and carried buckets full of water from the river. That water works wonders for one's hair! No conditioner needed, and my gray wires were as smooth as the brown hair I have.

The men were mainly fishing. This is the purpose of the vacation. PM and I cooked, I took care of the dishes and she was the sauna boss. Mr. K on his favourite stone.

JM is not a fly fisher, he took the row boat on the lake and fished there with spoon hooks.

This is a nice way of preparing fish outdoors:

The filets are attached to a moistened board with a metal spring, and kept close to the flames until they are done. Yum! You can find a recipe here.

This is all for today, part two will follow.


  1. Welcome home Ulla.What a beautiful place and so glad to see the pictures.It has such a peaceful look Have a wonderful week I will be back next FRiday. Hugs, Marie

  2. How lucky to experience such a beautiful place. There is something about pure water that is good for the hair.

  3. That looks such a wonderful place. We can't go camping this year for family reasons so looking at your photos is a treat!

  4. Your vacation spot is gorgeous, Ulla! Too bad it was so cold, but I suspect you enjoyed some nice fires in the evening. Mr. K's favorite rock looks like it could be here in our area! I hope he caught a lot of fish!

  5. What a wonderful place away from it all. Sorry it wasn't warmer for you. I have the same thing with the lake water here- no chlorine in it so my hair feels soft.


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