Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Special Sewing Projects

Today I received some lovely mail, from Stephanie. She promised to send me a plastic ring I wasn't able to find anywhere here, so I knew the mail was on the way. But look what she packed for me with the ring, so nicely wrapped:

One of her vintage patterns she has been showing recently, from her mother's stash. I'll never manage a big blanket, but there is a pattern for a cushion as well. It is also nice just to have old stuff, isn't it? There was a spare ring for another bag, I think I'm going to make one using recycled fabrics like jeans and shirts together. More vintage stuff: a wooden spool with brown thread, and several buttons still on the cardboard. I have started a wintage button collection just now!

The reason I needed the ring was that last month I bought her West Linn Bag pattern and used for it the charm pack she sent me earlier. I couldn't finish the bag without the ring, and while I kept looking for one here, she promised to send me one just in case. I don't think you can try this with your usual suppliers! Anyway, a couple of hours after the mail arrived, I can already show you the finished bag. It was very fun to make. This is the front, notice the lovely chocolate colour giant rick rack she also sent me with the fabrics!

I used unbleached linen for the solid, and a marimekko brown and white print for the lining. The back

And this is what it looks like on my shoulder. The big orange button came from my big sister P earlier this summer.

I want to show you something very different I have also sewn, a couple of years ago already. It is a fly fishing west for Mr. K, fulfilling his tiniest wishes.

There are 19 pockets in all, tailored to the size of his fly boxes, spectacles and phone. Ten zippers, some pockets with Velcro type fastening. I don't remember how many D-rings, flaps and loops there are, but they are there for a purpose. The clothespin hanging from a D-ring in the neck is for the net; he can easily snatch it loose when he needs it. The curved pockets were for reels and other bigger items. Under them is a large pocket with openings on both sides.

Watertight inside pockets are for phone and fishing permits, and other items not so important for the active fishing. Much thought was given to human engineering when we placed the pockets for easy access. There is a little tip to hang the pliers he uses to take the fly from the fish's mouth when he releases them.

I no longer remember the purpose of all the pockets, but luckily he does. The snap lock is there to hold the west closed when it is too warm to keep it zippered up.

This was the second fly fishing west I have designed; the first one was for DS1, who started fishing when he was only about ten years old and way too small for the vests available.

This is what the flyfisherman is waiting for, tiny circles on the water from the insects above and the fish below the water surface.

And the flyfisherman's wife watches the sun set behind the calm lake, hearing only the water running down the rapid. Peaceful relaxation.

EDIT: The garment my husband is wearing is generally known as a fly fishing vest. I seem to have trouble making a difference between V and W, as well in writing as when speaking English. Both letters are pronounced the same in Finnish, but we only have the W in old writing or Swedish names.


  1. I love the bag designed by Stephanie. It was nice to see it on your shoulder, because it gave me an idea of the size. For some reason I thought it was much smaller.

  2. Wow the fly fishing vest is a feat of engineering and imagination not just sewing. It's wonderful how you fitted everything in which was needed and it looks good as well as practical.

    I do like the West Linn bag. It looks classic in the colours you chose. I just wish I had more time to make things.

    What a lovely parcel from dear Stephanie. Isn't she a dear. :-)

  3. How exciting for me to see my pattern actually made up by someone who purchased it. Thanks so much for sharing it. I hope you love it.

    I agree with Melanie about the flyfishing vest. That's a testament to your sewing skills and thought process to be able to make something like that. I'm sure Mr. K must be thrilled.

  4. I'm sure your husband appreciates your sewing abilities! The bag turned out great. Maybe another one for your daughter?

  5. What a lucky man Mr. K is to have such a functional fly fishing vest! It must please you, too, when he wears it. I am very impressed.

  6. I am not going to show this to Mr Attic. He will want me to make him something like that for hunting. I'm already tired of altering pants and things.. I would rather be making quilts, bags and doll clothes.. but you are such an angel. :-D I notice it even has a logo on the back.. looks like he could have purchased it from Cabela's!

    And Stephanie's bag turned out perfect! I have the pattern too.. and really want to make it now.

  7. Your bag using Stephanie's pattern is a tribute to the designer and the person who made it. It's beautiful.

    The fishing vest is phenominal! I think if my brother saw this he would faint in his waders. It is truly a work of art and I can't imagine the time you spent both designing and making it. Superb!

  8. Love your West Linn Bag...a great pattern by Stephanie. The button you chose is perfect!

  9. Your bag turned out great!! The vest is amazing! My dad would love it...he is a fisherman!

  10. WOW - Mr. Squash and I are blown away by the fishing vest, Ulla! What thoughtful engineering went into making it! I am so impressed by your skills! You could design for Orvis! Love the picture of the fish "rises" as well!

  11. I also forgot to mention how cute your West Linn bag is! Wasn't it nice of Stephanie to send you the extra goodies with the ring!

  12. That vest is wonderful. He must love it. You did a great job on it! Love the bag, too--as well as your vacation photos. Your vacation looked really relaxing and the area was so pretty.

  13. The things you do are amazing and the pictures are beautiful! I see why you loved the buttons I posted :) I wish I could do quilting but you can only do so many things and I have so much already...to add sewing would be, oh my, adding so much more stuff? you know? And I don't think it would be something I would do well... Im not very precise and quilting requires a precision that isn't me.

    But I love to look at your things. By the way I just donated the the exact flowered pyrex you showed in another post. I found it cheaply too...and never ended up using it so I donated to a thrift shop, hopefully someone who needs it and can love it will get it next!



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