Sunday, 2 August 2009

Yellow Quilt and Blue Berries

Tomorrow I'll be packing my things for a fishing holiday in a cottage with no electricity, so this will be my last post for about a week. I hope to have lots of beautiful pictures from the trip; some of you know the place already from last year.

I have made my first quilt top with strip blocks. This will be a "Brown Owls Finland Community Project". Our parish will send sheets and knitted or quilted blankets to an orphanage in Tanzania. When I was a young school girl and development aid was a new thing, Tanzania was a special partner of Finland and most of our help was directed there. Nowadays things have changed; material, personnel and money is sent to many different places, wherever it is most needed. Anyway, Tanzania touched my heart and I decided to make some blankets for them. The fabric with giraffe and lion sounded perfect, and this is the first top I finished. The quilt size is small, so there will be at least one more with this fabric.

My daughter Kaija is staying with us right now, this time with a skirt project (last time we altered some dresses for her). She also had time to pick some berries - quite a lot in a short time.

I baked us a pie.

It was delicious. Very easy to make, too. You mix
4 dl plain flour
150 g butter or margarine
3 egg yolks
to make a dough, and spread it on the bottom and sides of a buttered pan or whatever you call the dish you bake it in.
Take the whites of the three eggs, and 1 dl castor sugar, and beat them to a stiff foam. Mix carefully with 6 dl fresh bilberries (not frozen ones). Fill the pan with this mix and bake at 200 C for about 50 minutes.
Have a nice week. I'm going to have.


  1. Have a wonderful trip. Very rustic without electricity! How generous of you to make quilts for those in need. Making things better one quilt at a time. I'll have a piece of pie with my tea, please. :o)

  2. Have a wonderful trip, it sounds like a great vacation. I love your quilt, that is just adorable.

  3. have a great trip. I may be gone when you get back!

  4. Your quilt is wonderful, Ulla! Have a fantastic trip - can't wait to see the pictures of Mr. K's big catch!

  5. Your quilt is lovely, and will be loved. Thank you for the recipe, I'm going to try it. Have a lovely fishing trip and relaxation.

  6. It could be mine blog; (big) blueberries, kantareller,( jag skriver på svenska,du förstår) cakes and vintage aprons :-)
    I have the same here this sumer!
    Have a nice vacation!

  7. Hia Ulla the quilt looks wonderful and perfectly themed for Tanzania. A child will have a lot of fun looking at the animals.

    Mmm your pie looks delicious.

    Good luck with the skirt for Kaija

  8. What a gorgeous and appropriate quilt to send to Tanzania. I'm sure you got a lot of pleasure from making it.. thinking about who would be enjoying it. Maybe someone who had nothing else.. and this would be the most beautiful thing they ever owned.

    Hope you had a lovely trip.. looking forward to hearing about it when you have time. :-)


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