Sunday, 30 August 2009


Mr. Kotkarankki came home last night from his week up north. I feel like this:

Red cheeks and all.

He brought me this:

It has been washed now, and saved from the washline when it started raining, and hanging on the indoors washline instead. I feel happy.

While he was away, I was crocheting the dark brown rows and joining my granny squares from May. Maybe three rows to go, and the yarn ends to hide before I can show you the finished blanket.

Now I'll go and look at him again! Did I tell you already that I feel happy? I'm smiling.


  1. So glad your DH is home safe and sound. (even bringing you the la undry it is always wonderful when they return) I like your granny square and look forward to seeing it all together. Many Hugs, Marie

  2. Whew! I was worried that you felt like a discard apple rotting away in the grass! I can see now that you are a rosy red apple waiting to be savored....hmmm no that can't be it....hmmmmm Well anyways -love the granny squares!

  3. you sound very happy, it's good to know!

  4. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Laundry and all...

  5. I'am so glad to hear Mr. K is home - I hope your cheeks are rosy all week, Ulla ;>)!
    The grannies are gorgeous! I love the brown and blue together!

  6. And bearing such a wonderful gift for you too. LOL So happy for you both. Great progress with the squares.


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