Tuesday 25 August 2009


It's been a long time since I wrote anything here. I have been a single parent from last weekend as Mr. Kotkarankki has gone fishing for a week. This means no proper cooking for lunch, no sports on TV, but also no kisses for good night. The so called freedom of choice leaves me working half-heartedly. I would like to get something nice done while he is away, but my energy is too low. I feel like this:

(In real life I'm not that grey.)

Today I have been a little busy anyway. I finally finished the quilting of my windows quilt for the orphanage; those windows took a lot of time! Both quilts still need bindings.

The strip quilt is machine quilted with a wavy stitch on the seams. For the windows I have tried to create the illusion of a perspective. Tomorrow I need to cut binding for the strip quilt and bind them both.
My evening project is now once again the granny squares I crocheted in May. I'm adding one more round, in dark brown, and combining the squares as I go. I hope to show the finished blanket at the end of the week.
I finally did something more than the usual housekeeping. This afternoon I ironed the heavy winter curtains and hung them in the living room window. The evenings are dark already and I felt like being in an aquarium, when I only had the light summer curtains drawn. Maybe tomorrow I will vacuum the house. Maybe I'm just joking.


  1. The quilts are looking lovely Ulla. I think the window one does look 3d. Having had a bash at non straight line quilting I realise how hard it is. Well done.

    The moth is very beautiful. I am still looking for a book that shows the caterpillar with the butterfly. It would be so interesting if I could see a caterpillar munching and know what it was going to be.

    He'll be home soon and all will be right again. :-)

  2. Looking forward to your granny blanket! Right now I'm spending evenings hand sewing the binding on a Christmas quilt, from last year. I'm finally getting to it. I'd rather sew than clean the house. Perhaps you need pie.

  3. I saw that moth here in California and did a post on my blog about it. Here's the link..:http://overgoodground.blogspot.com/2008/03/communion-with-nature-measureing-worm.html.

    "Inch worm, Inch worm, measuring the marigolds.Seems to me you'd stop and see, how beautiful they are." (Song from the movie "Lily")

    Summer leaves fast and the warmth will be gone soon. Thank goodness we have husbands to keep us warm.

  4. I think I know how you feel, Ulla! When Mr. Squash is away, which isn't very often, things just aren't the same! But I do hope he has some great fish stories to tell on his return!
    Your quilts are looking wonderful!

  5. Both quilts look so lovely! But the "Fall" one is still my favorite! I'm looking for your granny squares blanket, who needs vaccum the house?!!


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