Friday 5 February 2010

Big Sort Out Day

Yesterday my big sister P was being my little elf like she promised in December. We spent almost three hours here in my cellar sewing room:

She had promised to bring me a couple of old white sheet so I can make more Unicef dolls, but she came with three big plastic bags. I was being brave and rejected one bagful of her things, and later gave her back some curtain fabric of hers I hade been taking care of for a couple of years.

Then she helped me lift boxes, sort out rags and history and flannels and shirts

and re-name boxes and start new boxes and empty some plastic bags and fill some other plastic bags until it started to look like this in Mr. K's end of the room which we had borrowed:

You are supposed to notice the empty floor there!
My end looked like this when we came up and made some tea:

Unfortunately there are still 5 untouched boxes under my desk, and four big ones on the stove. What we managed to do gave me hope that this project one day will end. Thank you P, you have been a tremendous help! I forgive you the two plastic bags of lovely fabric. And the lace and the yarn, too, and the pins and needles.  After all, we said goodbye to this:


Five bags tightly packed, and in the background are the two bags full of my old study papers. Someday, I hope, Mr. Kotkarankki will sit at his desk tying flies, and I will sit at my desk sewing seams, music is playing quietly and every now and then one of us says something, and we both live together happily ever after.


  1. Looks like you had a very productive day. After Mr. Creations is finished painting an old kitchen cabinet for my new sewing space we HAVE to sort out the unfinished portion of our basement. Yikes! Not a chore I'm looking forward to. We really MUST edit.

  2. Well done Ulla that is great progress. Please send sister P to organise my craft room floor. :-)I am at the hopscotch stage to get from one side to the other. LOL

  3. Wow! No wonder you are so intent on sewing only from your stash! You and your sister made a good start on organizing and paring down.

  4. Puh...
    Seems like you need a break!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend, I am off to the cabin later on ;-))

  5. You two did a good job! Isn't it more fun to do an organizing project with a buddy!

    I love your idea of marital bliss!

  6. You guys did a good job. That was a major clean up/organizational project.
    You both deserved a cup of tea.


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