Monday 8 February 2010

Quilt Show

The shopping centre where we buy our groceries has every month a new exhibition. Once I have shown you the socks knitted for friends who need warm socks, once there was our club's exhibition. Often they exhibit paintings or photos, but the newest exhibition is by the local quilt guild Tilkku-Ainot. It was a sunny day when I took the pictures, so there are reflections of glass, and many of my pictures were just a blur.

Unfortunately there was no list of the names of the quilters or their quilts.

I love the colours of the quilt above.

Some of the quilts were less traditional, like the green one above, or the next one:

These quilts are the result of a challenge: each member of the guild was given a piece of a busy fabric and challenged to make something out of it, using only fabrics from stash to complete their work.

The fabric given was the one with red, blue and orange, peeking from the right in the next picture.

Some quilters had cut tiny parts:

One more picture from their show:

I hope you enjoyed their work as I have not touched my sewing machine at all during the weekend. I hope there will be more energy during the week.


  1. That is absolutely wonderful!! I am amazed that the grocery store does an exhibition. Too fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing Ulla. I noticed old fashioned photos printed in the modern green and blue little quilts. How fun to go to the grocery store and see a quilt show. :o)

  3. Some very beautiful quilts Ulla thanks for sharing. Love the last photo- patchwork with curves!

  4. Thanks for the photos. I love seeing what quilters from other countries are doing.

  5. A lovely Quilt Show! I think it is a nice idea to have such exhibition in groceries stores!


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